This spoken werds was given by AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK [YAHWEH SAVES THE ANOINTED], to Awa Owner Yahweh-Yahweh biutis during the new brightness reverence meeting with AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, on the above mentioned brightness. During AWA OWNER YAHWEH- YAHWEH reverence service, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak thus through the serving biuti thus:

Right new brightness My little biutis, I heard a voice saying “yu have proving to me that yu are my Ridima, Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, we must reverence yu”. I will begin by asking yu a question, first, what did yu find that makes yu to sey yu have proving to me when some among yu are yet crying? When yu are complaining? When there is a lot thought in yua nephesh? If Me should ask yu, can yu tell me, what did Yua Ridima did that prove to yu? That werd is a werd that comes on account for assurance but if there is no assurance that werd is meaningless.

Another is yu seid “me must reverence yu” if I should ask yu, how are yu reverencing Me? Sometimes yu speak out what yu cannot do; reverence have been a challenge among yu, if yu are assure that yu are reverencing me, what about when challenges are coming? All yua Nephesh, all things about yu turn to be a challenge.

I come to correct, I come to rebuke. Yahwehemeka, yes Awa Ridima, I know yu and I do things the way it pleases Me. I want to begin from yu this brightness, before I ask yu a question, if a biuti in existens have a wound and self decide to use self own hand to remove the thing that is inside the wound, how possible do yu think that it will be easy for that biuti? It will not be easy Awa Ridima, are yu sure, yes Awa Ridima. Alright if that biuti in existens wants that thing to be remove from the wound, how do yu think self should do? Self should give it to another. Okay let Me ask yu so that yu will knowledgestend, if a biuti have a wound at the back as they call and self was trying to remove it by own hand, how possible is it going to be? Is it possible? Not at all Awa Ridima.

Now let me ask yu a question, how faithfil yu are in paying yua Firsttenth 1st/10th? Answer me, Awa Ridima it is not easy with me, that is not what I ask yu. Even if it is tenth naira [N 10], if it is fiftieth kobo [k 50], how faithfil are yu paying yua Firsttenth 1st/10th to Me? Awa Ridima it is not easy with me and my family, that is not what I ask yu, are yu trying to play games with Me? How faithfil yu are to Me in paying yua Firsttenth? That is the question. have I talk to yu ask this before, no Awa Ridima, answer Me how faithfil yu are to Me even if it is a little. Awa Ridima as me said it, is not easy with Me, Yahwehemeka, I have yua record, don’t tell Me that it is not easy with yu, if it is easy with yu or not easy with yu I know yu more that yuaself; this is a simple question, are yu faithfilly paying yua Firsttenth as it is supposed to be? No Awa Ridima, right yu have answer Me.

Now do yu know that yu have be as a man that wants to remove something in a wound at the back that self cannot do? Now if yu give yuaself out for My Werk and yu allow yua enemy to rob yu over things that are coming for yu, what is yua benefit? I behold how yu are doing this werk even when there is tired in yu, yu continue but this little obedient. Is it yu that shall make that provision? Is it yu that shall make things to be easy? If I  should ask yu, Now I want to pass a verdict to yu now, have  I not told yu that do what yu are supposed to do and leave the once yu cannot do for Me? Yes Awa Ridima, How many times have I say this? Several times, now yu are trying to do the once I can do, then how do yu think I shall do it for yu?

Listen to Me, yu have to go with yua little biutis I gave to yu and humble demand unto Me for forgiveness. I recall when I told yu biutis that any time My favor is coming for a biuti, Heylel shall accuse that biuti if there is a little sin and shall rob that biuti, is that not My werd? Yes Awa Ridima, and it shall make me to return that favor, have I said that? Yes, Now how should yu allow this thing to happened?

Yahwehemeka, yes Awa Ridima, I want to ask yu a question, if the biutis outside there hear that yu are not paying yua Firsttenth 1st/10th as it is supposed to be, are yu encouraging them? Is that not going to be a surprise to them? Awa Ridima me is sorry, no I ask yu a question, is that not going to be a surprise to them? Yes Awa Ridima, Now think about all this things. Why can’t yu give a biuti that can remove the thing that is inside yua wound? Now if I should pass a verdict according to My verdict; if yu are not paying yua Firsttenth 1st/10th, are yu not a robber? How do yu think that yu shall enter My aboding place?

Now let Me ask yu a question Yahwehemeka, I want to talk to yu. If yu behold a man that steals and is sentence to death, what are yu going to say to that man? Are you not going to say to that man, this is Heylel, this is a sinner? Yes Awa Ridima. Are yu not a sinner now? Now anytime I pass a verdict, yu biutis should think about it. The love I have for yu makes Me to talk. Look at how yu are going into destruction, look at how Heylel is robbing yu, behold how Heylel is accusing yu, and behold how Heylel is robbing yua favors. Do yu think that I AM wicked? I AM not wicked. Even if it is little that yu gives to Me, I know.

I want to ask a question, when I gave Truth Biuti an assignment when Truth Biuti was at Ugboeche to go and patch the cracking’s on the floor as at that time in the church, his bike knock engine and at the same time there was no money to refil. Have Truth Biuti shared that with yu before? Yes Awa Ridima. Truth Biuti trek and said instead for self to call bike and take it from Eleme to Oyibo self decide to push the bike to Oyibo, on account that if vehicle carries that bike and collect transport fare, the money that shall remain cannot buy the cement  at that time.  

But I allow it to happen to know if self shall obey. After finishing patching that floor it was hundred naira [N 100] money that remain for self and Truth Biuti bought water to drink at that time. At the end to all the werk, it was sixtieth naira [N 60] that remain for self; If it was yu, wont yu think to repair the bike? But I allow that thing to knock engine to know what self shall do, sometimes I allow difficulties, I allow things to happen. When things are happening, why not say let me give to the OWNER that belongs to the OWNER and after that yu shall demand and say to Me, Awa Ridima me have done what yu command me to do.

Yahwehemeka, do yu know that yu have allow the enemy to use yu to mock Me? Awa Ridima me is sorry, yes sorry is there, but how do yu think about the things that have taking place? Do yu have concern about the road that have been blocked?, How do yu think about the favor that have been hindered?

Yahwehmdi, yes Awa Ridima, I want to ask yu a question, yu were there when a biuti gave Truth Biuti Firsttenth 1st/10th, immediately, Truth Biuti gave that money to yu to buy petrol. Sometimes Truth Biuti lack for money, but on account that self is doing what is pleasing Me I touch other biutis to do something, but how I do it yu don’t know. Have yu behold Truth Biuti calling biutis and says to them please assist me with this? No Awa Ridima.  

I want to beg yu Yahwehemeka, I know how to favor yu but leave that to Me, I AM talking to yu on account that yu don’t know that is happening.

I want to ask yu a question, do yu know that Yahwehnemerem own hunger was higher than yua own when self came out from the church? Are yu aware? Yes Awa Ridima, but that man cannot temper with Firsttenth 1st/10th  even if self wants to try that, self shall call Truth Biuti and sey behold this, behold that and explain. Why? On account that that is My command. But how the favors shall come yu might not know and might use yua hand to lock it.

Yahwehemeka, have yu not stand to teach about paying Firsttenth 1st/10th before? Yes Awa Ridima, I have all yua record. So what yu are telling them is theory? Not so Awa Ridima, don’t tell Me not so. Now let Me ask yu a question, do yu realize that the real gamblers when they are dying with hunger or when their little biutis fall sick, they are ready to die in hunger in other to use that money to play gambling; if such biutis have a  determined Nephesh, what about yu? Be obedient to My command. Now sometimes something shall come up and Truth Biuti calls yu and send something to yu, is it yu that tell Truth Biuti to send yu?

Now don’t yu think that if yu do that to Me, I can touch others to favor yu? Awa Ridima me knowledgestend, Do yu knowledgestend? Yes Awa Ridima. Don’t be in a store house and be dying in hunger. Do yu knowledgestend what I said? Yes Awa Ridima. Don’t be in a place where they kept meat and be dying with hunger. I AM using yu as a reference to other biutis, I know many that slay down their firsttenth 1st/10th.

Little biutis, how many counting year remain for Passover? 1st to 2nd counting Awa Ridima, and yu are expecting Passover, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima, listen little biutis I don’t have much to say.

Yahwehemeka, Yahwehmdi, MikaYahweh, and other biutis that are here doing My werk, how comfortable are yu having here? I ask a question answer Me, there is not much comfortable here Awa Ridima, ok yu are having a little comfortable here is that so? Sometimes there is calmness and sometimes there is uncomfortable. Yu have not answer My question, how comfortable are yu here? Awa Ridima we are not comfortable. Yu are not comfortable, is that so? Yes. I have open My mouth to tell My little biutis all over to build a house for My serving biuti, but for how many counting’s have no biuti call to ask about what is happening to the building?

Send them My spoken werd! That even when they don’t have money, I know, but from the little they have I AM expecting them to give. Why is it difficult for all My biutis to unite together to build first to fifth bedroom flat for My serving biuti. For many counting’s now no biuti have called to send any money. The time OlaYahweh send money was the time the vehicle engine knocked. Tell them that I say in as much as My wealth have reach to a point that no biuti among them value it, no problem, but they should know that when they don’t have I know, even the little they can provide I know also.

From how many counting have the building be postponed? On account that there is no money to buy zinc, no money to buy doors, windows and other things and they expect Me to favor them.  My question is, Why doing something to Me become difficult for them, but when problems comes, when challenges happen to them, they shall release money to solve that problem. How many among them is counting over a millions naira over a case? I kept them from problems. But no problem, I know how to do it.

As for My werk I come to appreciate. Listen Yahwehemeka, as Truth Biuti told yu about the werk, present it if Heaven break it in different Language as they call,  Jesus break in different languages, Yahweshua Ha Mashiak break it in different languages, Yahweh remain Yahweh, do yu knowledgstend? So as it is, break them to thier knowledgstending. As for My werd, My werd is My weapon. I shall use My weapon to destroy the werks from My enemy.

Now some biutis ask yu where is yua own book, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima, then don’t yu think that it is an indication to show uncompleted structure? How can yu invite a biuti to come to stay at uncompleted building? It is possible? But when that structure is completely build, then yu do what? Yu invite them to come and Stay.

My little biutis, I want to appreciate yu, there are some werk I shall not come down and do them and I shall be looking up to yu to do them, so when yu get information about what is happening, try to put things together. By doing so I shall also make things to move on as it is supposed to be. I don’t have much to say, on account for the little biutis that shall go to Gathering for Truth Knowledge, run up yua humble demand.

But Yahwehemeka, yu own Me denial self meet and humble demand, yu and yua family and ask for compassion and take note about these things. Think about the call I call yu, I did not call yu to put yu to shame, but yu might come here and disappoint yuaself, does it mean that is Me, is not Me.

Yahwehemeka, let Me use this little thing to speak to yu.  The case that is going on in yua papa house did any biuti thought that it shall linger up to such a long time? No Awa Ridima. At the beginning all thought that it was a small matter, but now, is it a small matter? What year did yu look towards to cover all this things? Me don’t know the possibility, yu don’t behold the possibility.

While I speak to yu is that when that little sin is been done yu might think that it is normal, but it shall linger the man or the woman biuti in existence favor. I came into the matter as earlier and they did not recognize Me. They were putting their trust in incantations and invocations, they thought it shall settle it, they did all this evul things, even though they did not tell yu, but yu have behold that. Upon all the things they did, how far did it go? Listen I have told yu and I repeat I shall favor yu but not from there. Obey Me, Follow me, and hold My werd, if I did not fail Truth Biuti, I shall not fail yu, how many time have I say that? Many times, correct.

Have yu behold that, My spoken werd was written and after it was posted, a biuti call for Truth biuti mattress, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima. The money was sent. Now I want to ask yu a question again, did Truth Biuti move to have a contact over that? Is it truth biuti knowledgstending?  Now if Truth Biuti went with the price by own self, shall Truth Biuti get all this things? Now think about all this things, My favor, and that is what I AM looking onto My biutis to do. I shall stop at this point, recall that I told yu to send My spoken werd to them, run up yua humble demand, says by Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak.


Tshepo Malatsi


Can I get a bank account of the movement please where I can send my 1st/10th I could also like to support the werk of awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiach for instance other Qahal activities that needs financial assistance as well, I’m a believer of awa Ridima based in South Africa

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Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA MASHIAK, Me appreciate Yu for YUA truth Werds. Me give yu right reverence and right worship. Pls AWA RIDIMA favour me.

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