Durin the new brightness Meetin service, when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH biutis in existens were givin reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM servin biuti thus:

Right new brightness My little biutis. Right new brightness awa Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak. You are givin Me thenks. For you to sey that I AM WHAT I AM, what do yu think I AM? YahwehMndi, yes Awa Ridima, I heard when yu biutis were seyin that the biuti called Yahwehoma sed that Yahweh is the misinterpreteshn for Onye nwe uwa. Yes, self haz spoken based on self knowledgestendin. There is somethin I want to ask yu. Last brightness, did Truth Biuti yoin yu biutis in yua new brightness humbl demand? No Awa Ridima. What med self not to com? Self wez weak! Ehhh! Apart from yu biutis whu were there, is there any other biuti that knows about it? Do yu know that after then, Truth biuti went aut? Yes, Awa Ridima! A biuti that abandond My Werd and began to talk another thin, that is an indikeshn that there is diziz in that biuti. Now for instens, there are levels in madness as they call. You can behold a man or woman very neat, walkin along the road, but it is only the close biutis that know that, that woman or man has what they call mental problem. How yu can know is when self begins to talk and when self begins to take acshn. The knowledgestendin that yu expect to behold in that biuti shall be different and that shall be an indikeshn to prove that somethin is wrong with self knowledgestendin.

So, I kem to tell yu that somethin is wrong with Yahwehoma knowledgestendin. Truth Biuti, I told yu last brightness that if it is Onye nwe uwa, then I lov to yu ask a queshn, does ALMIGHTY YAHWEH-YAHWEH own only this earth? Chai! Now think about that! So the dwellin place does not belong to YUA ALMIGHTY YAHWEH-YAHWEH? I yet lov to ask yu a queshn, if a man haz a car and yu call that man a car owner, is that man name a car owner? No Awa Ridima! If a man has a buildin and you call self a buildin owner, is that the man name? No Awa Ridima! Right, I desire to move a little bit: if the Almighty Yahweh-Yahweh is Onye nwe uwa, if yu are to ascribe it to the dwellin place, you would sey Onye nwe-dwellin place? Does that mean that dwellin place and earth are the sem? I yet dizaya to ask yu a queshn: is car owner written in a car owner receipt? Ehhh? No Awa Ridima! Why? I shall yuz what yu know to tiich yu what yu don’t know. If yu write car owner in the receipt, I declare to yu that police haz every right to impound that car on account that yua name is not written there. Please yu biutis should send this spoken werd to where Yahwehoma shall read it. It is a very big insult to Me YUA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH.

“Uwa na mmandu’’[Earth and man], are they the sem? That is to sey that Yahwehoma is directly seyin that, the biutis I made do not belong to me. What Yahwehoma is affirmin, is that AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH owns only “uwa” [Earth]. There wez a taim I told you that Kinsley Ubani is a mad man. I cannot forget My werds! That is what is happenin to Yahwehoma in the process for provin self knowledgestendin. I allowed self to prove self knowledgestendin. I lov to ask yu this queshn: how can Yahwehoma come to the social media to write such thin, if self has a knowledgestendin? This is an evidence to prove that somethin is wrong with self knowledgestendin. Listen to Me very clear, no man or woman can know Me by research. I repeat Myself; No man or woman can know Me by research. If yu feel that yu can know Me by research, yu shall miss it. But I have all it takes to tell yu that this is Me. How mieneh taims have I told yu that none among yu can know Me? Several taims!

Leht Me move a little bit, Igbos in those days as they call, sey “Eke kere uwa” is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! What is the meanin for “Eke kere uwa”? It means “Onye kere Uwa” [The Maker for the Earth] but what is the name? They don’t know the name! But they know that there is a Maker for the earth, is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! This buildin wez constructed by an engineer. What do yu call the engineer? A builder! Is builder the man name? Ehhh? No, Awa Ridima! A professhn is not a biutis name. In other werds, what they call “Eke kere Uwa” is my handiwerk and not my name. Are you hearin Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! They have what they call lecturer; does it mean that lecturer is the name for such biuti? A man or a woman nem cannot be lecturer. But what proves the professhn for that man or that woman is, lecturin. Is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! When yu call doctor, men and women bear that title, doctor. Why they ansar doctor is, it is an indikeshn for their professhn. Do yu get it? Yes, Awa Ridima! If yu should ask the man name and self respons is that self name is doctor, know that somethin is wrong with that man.

They hav the biuti they call nurse, if you should ask self, what is yua name, and the woman sey that self name is nurse, if that woman is on an interview, such ansar has disqualified self. But if you should ask self, what is yua professhn? That is the taim the ansar “me is a nurse” shall be correct. The biutis they call tiichers, tiichin is their professhn and not their names. There are other biutis called Mechanic, if yu should ask a biuti in that field own name, the biuti cannot tell yu that self name is mechanic. Do you now behold all these thins? Now if there is somethin they call creativity, if yu are to translate creativity in Igbo, what does it give? “Onye mere ihe” is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima!

If yu now describe Yahweh as “Onye nwe uwa or onye kere uwa”: Who owns this car here? Truth Biuti! fine! What meks Truth Biuti to be the car owner? It wez given to Truth Biuti. Is it Truth Biuti that made the car? After mekin this earth yu are beholdin now, I gev it to My little biutis. I did command yu to go into the earth to do what? Replenish! And have dominion over it! So in other werds, this earth yu are beholdin is an inheritance to My little biutis. Did you get what I sed? Yes, Awa Ridima! That paved wey for the evil men to yuz it to do whatso they dizayad to do. It wez given to yu! In other werds, if I should put it that wey, this earth belongs to yu now. Is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! Little biutis, I have all it takes to prove to yu that the earth belongs to yu. You are farmin here, werkin here, and buildin here, drinkin the weter that is here, yu yuz the grasses for feedin yua animals… in other werds, yu have the total control over the earth. Why should yu now sey that I AM the owner? Though I med it by Myself and did hand over to yu. That is how a company meks a car and hands it over to others. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes, Awa Ridima!  Why I AM talkin about all these men and women is that, they don’t give Me esteem and they don’t regard Me as the Almighty whu med them. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes, Awa Ridima! Actually, I did hand over the earth to yu as an inheritans, and I told yu to tek control, have I sed it before? Yes, Awa Ridima!

Is there any taim any Papa hands over own property to own little biutis, and teks it back agein? When a man writes a testament over self property, does the man come to tek over that property agein? Now I yet recall what I sed consernin Nnmadi Kanu when I gev self my spoken werds, I told Nnamdi Kanu that self has acted as a little biuti that behold a ground that is very little by its porshn and yeng [young] biutis are pleyin there, and that ground belongs to the papa but has been teken awey by another, and self struggles to recover it, without knowin that self Papa had another large acres for sand, and another biuti tells self to leave that small porshn and come to tek over that large acres for sand. Why should they tell self to come and occupy that large space if it does not belong to own Papa? Did you knowledgestend what I sed? Yes, Awa Ridima!

I AM here to disprove the statement that Yahwehoma med, and it is a very big insult to Me. Kaiii! Put it where Yahwehoma shall read it. And as self has insulted the Almighty, self cannot bear the consequences. Self seyin that it is Onye new uwa, is by implikeshn seyin that Almighty Yahweh-Yahweh has no name. For instence, if yu should ask the name for a woman that has a little biuti, and a biuti ansars: “obu nwanyi muru nwa” meanin a woman that deliverd a biuti, what does that show? The biuti is expleinin what the woman has done and also provin that self does not know that woman name. The biuti that knows self shall be laughin at self.

I AM here to declare to yu again and again and again and again, that there is no taim that yu shall know Me by man knowledgestendin or by research. Yahwehoma is tryin to know Me by research. Do yu get what I seid? Yes, Awa Ridima! I have all it takes to prove to yu whom I Am. Remain at the level for knowledgestendin I gev unto yu. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes, Awa Ridima! If another comes to tell yu that Yahweh means this or that, listen and hear from Me. I come to declare to yu that if yu dizaya to mek more research, they shall tell yu that Yahweh is not the real name. Do yu knowledgestend me? Yes, Awa Ridima!  Some shall tell yu that Yahwehshua is not the name; yu cannot know Me by research. But yu can only know Me by Me. There are some who seid that it is Yahushua and not Yahwehshua. So mieneh [many] among them depend on their research. If yu dizaya to know Me through research, yu cannot know Me. A lot among men and women are only busy writin on what they do not know how it came about. Did yu get me? Yes, Awa Ridima!

Leht me ask yu a queshn, as I made myself known to yu, does it mean that those who served me and died several years ago did not mek it? Mieneh among them med it. Based on the fact that they did not know about My real name, I showed them compasshn. Are yu listenin to Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! This is the taim that I dizayad to mek myself known, but as mieneh as heard it now and refused to accept the name, that is where their verdict shall begin. Hmmmmmm!  Is there anywhere in the bible yu read that My name have I not made known to them? Have yu behold it? Yes Awa Ridima! That’s the queshn, why should I not mek My name known to them? If I didn’t mek my name known to them, what were they callin Me as at that taim? Choiii! It is a mystery! Do you knowledgestend what I Am seyin? Yes, Awa Ridima! They know that there is a Sevior and they know also that there is the Almighty, but what were they callin Me then? It’s a mystery! Do yu knowledgestend me? Yes, Awa Ridima! The brightness I told Truth Biuti about this name, self wez shocked!

Little biutis, don’t try to know Me by research for it doesn’t werk, how mieneh taims have I seid this? Several taims! Walk with me, as for my name I med known to yu, stey where I kept yu. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes, Awa Ridima! Leht Me ask yu a little queshn: if yu can ansar this queshn as yu supposd to, then I shall know yu have a little knowledge; is there any man or woman that knows everythin about computer? No Awa Ridima! Yu seid No? Yes, Awa Ridima! Only those who produced it could know. Forget about the producers. You bought a laptop and had been yuzin it, but is there any biuti that knows everythin about the laptop? The ansar is None! What about the handset in yua hand, do yu know everythin in it?  No! No! No! Yu don’t know all? Yes, Awa Ridima! If yu cannot know all about those little thins, how do yu think yu can know all about Me? Do yu knowledgestend what I seid? Yes, Awa Ridima! I repeat Myself, if yu cannot know all about computer, though some claim to be computer wizard, yet they don’t know all about computer. Is their claim akuret? That is how those that claim they know all about Me are mislaid. Do yu knowledgestend me? Yes, Awa Ridima! How mieneh taims have I told yu that yu cannot know Me? Even when yu come to my dwellin place, yu cannot know all about Me. Have I seid it before? Several taims! Could yu recall that I told yu that even Yahwehmoshe did not know all about Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! Laughs! It’s a mystery!

Now can yu think about this a little? If yu dig the sand on this surface, yu shall discover a red mud, is there anythin yuzd as a demakeshn betwiin the first and the second layers? No, why? As yu dig further, yu shall behold white sand, yu also behold concrete and then yu behold weter. Ask yuaself a queshn, is it easy to sepret somethin without yuzin a clear obyect for the sepreshn? Noooo! Leht Me ask yu agein, do yu view anyplace they yoin this house? Yes, Awa Ridima! So yu can behold where this house is yoined together? Is that not a mystery? It is a mystery! Yu as a biuti, watch yua palm and watch yua flesh, are they the same color? No, Awa Ridima! Why? We don’t know, its Yua Handiwerk! Even as yu are, when yu cut yua hair, it yet grows agein. This is an indikeshn that yu cannot know all about Me. Do yu knowledgestend Me? When yu are thinkin to know Me without Me revealin Myself to yu, yu are fallin deep inside a very big weter. Yua consern rather should be, how yu should fear, respect and obey Me. Do yu knowledgestend Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! As I told yu that my name is not Jesus, and yu knowledgestuud all the explaneshn and emphasis about how that name Jesus came up. In a spoken werd as in English, where they pronounce another thin and write another thin. Those are the thins that med yu to know that thins are wrong in English language. Are yu gettin it? Yes, Awa Ridima! For instens, the nem God and its origin are clearly known to yu. These are the thins yu niid to know.  

Little biutis, Yes, Awa Ridima! Behave as little biutis. Ka odi otua! Do yu hear Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! Tell My biutis to walk with Me. Are yu hearin Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! Leht me ask yu a queshn, if a visitor goes to a community, and the Eze [servin biuti to a community] in that community came and received the visitor by self, don’t yu think that that visitor shall be goin in confidence and assurance? Yes, Awa Ridima! Dont yu know that nothin shall harm the visitor as long as self is with the Eze, is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! Now, if the visitor rebels against the Eze, don’t yu think that the visitor is no longer in a safe hand? If on the other wey, the visitor knows only a little biuti who took self into the community, yu shall know that that visitor won’t have enough confidence. Why I AM seyin all these thins is that I came by Myself to tek My little biutis to my dwellin ples. And some have told me to leave them alone. Is there anywhere I have to be blemd? No, Awa Ridima!  Listen, I speak to yu this brightness, if any biuti go by any other, there is no security. No matter their wisdom, there is a clear indikeshn that they are muvin towards destrukshn.

Leht me prove Myself in what I have seid, a biuti seid that self had a vishn from Jesus Christ, though I gev that biuti the vishn, self spoke accordin to self knowledgestendin, as I had earlier told yu. Self menshnd Kumuyi, Adeboye and Oyedepo, and seid that they are tryin to amend their weyz, but that there is no any amendment that shall enable them to enter where? Yua dwellin ples! On account for mieneh men and women biutis in existens that they had misled. Is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! Have yu viewd that it is dangeros to put confidence or trust on those men? But here, is it Truth Biuti that is controllin yu? No, Awa Ridima! I yet have a queshn for yu, haz Truth Biuti been able to control self? Leht Me ask yu a queshn, is there any perfekshn in drivin? No, Awa Ridima! Wisdom, yu are a driver! Awa Ridima, me can drive small! Yu are an expert driver. No, not an expert driver! Drivers often have strong confidence in themselvs when accident haz not occurred, but when there is an accident, that confidence shall disappoint self. Yes, I shall yuz what yu know to tiich yu what yu don’t know. Even when yu warn a driver against reckless drivin, self would alweyz ansar yu nothin shall happen. Before yu could know, somethin had happend and all the blame shall then go to the driver. While self wez seyin with assurance that nothin shall happen is on the confidence self had on self, but several taims confidence yuzd to disappear. Those who feel they know it through their research, shall be disappointed by their wisdom. There is no confidence in biutis knowledgestendin no matter how.

The knowledgestendin for a biuti can be easily alterd by heylel. In a twinkle for an eye, heylel would turn the wisdom from man upside down. Is that a real knowledgestendin? Alright! Leht Me speak to yu a little: when Truth Biuti wez about to take a desishen based on the acshns from the biutis who stay in the same compound with self. Truth Biuti tuuk a desishen to buy tank for storing weter, is that not biutis knowledgestendin? It is Awa Ridima. As at that taim, wez it not a wise desishen? It wez awa Ridima! If it wez not Me who stoppd Truth Biuti, self would have done it. And after doin it, self would feel proud seyin self haz donn the right thin. Do yu knowledgestend Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! My Ruak in yu meks yu to have knowledgestendin. My Ruak tells yu to calm down and not to take acshn. But if it is yua knowledgestendin, yu must try to pruv what yu are. But I lov to ask yu to think about My spoken werds. Can yu recall where I began? I began by tellin yu the event that tuuk place. As at last brightness, Truth Biuti wez inside and yu were havin yua humble demand out here, how be it, Truth Biuti sed self wez with yu in yua humble demand. Is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! Now, I come to giv a verdict over that. How can Truth Biuti tell yu that self heard all that wez spoken there? In Truth Biuti nephesh, self had a confidence that self wez with yu, but My own verdict is No. Yes; the truth I must mek known to yu. That is how some are outside My Qahal doin mieneh thins and yet continued to assume that they are in Truth Genereshn Yahweh Movement. But they are not!

I come to speak to yu, as at last brightness, Truth Biuti seid that self wez with yu, did yu hear when self seid that? Yes, Awa Ridima! Did yu agrii with self? Yes, Awa Ridima, we agriid with self! Right! If Truth Biuti should repeat such again, can yu agrii with self? Nooo! All laughed! But Truth Biuti passed self verdict from self nephesh, try to knowledgestend, it is Me now that come to tell Truth Biuti that it is a lie. Now I dizaya to ask yu, as I seid it is a lie, what do yu think that wez Truth Biutis record as at last brightness? Hmm! Awa Ridima please show we compasshn! Yes that is why I told yu to ask Me to show yu compasshn and not to open yua file. “Obu ya Nna m” hmm! Thenk yu Awa Ridima! now think about it! I repeat My queshn: How could Truth Biuti be able to hear all that happened here as self wez in the room? How possible? It is not possible! That is why My verdict is a real verdict. I have forgiven Truth Biuti. Ka odi otua! Why I Am seyin all these is for yu to knowledgestend who is leadin yu. For yu to knowledgestend that I don’t accept evul. Do yu knowledgestend me? Yes, Awa Ridima! I allowed it to happen last brightness to yuz it to tiich yu this brightness. That is how Yahwehoma is feelin that self is with Me while self is not with Me.

So little Biutis, if I should ask queshn, in respect to that spoken werd, how mieneh among yu shall be able to address it in this manner? Laughs! None from we haz anythin to sey! But yu now have somethin to sey? Yes, Awa Ridima!  plenty thins to sey, bezd on this. That is why yu niid to be with Me. That is why I AM yua Owner. I have come to tiich yu what yu don’t know. I seid that man or woman biutis that are mad  could wash their flesh or garments. I told yu that there are first to second types in madness: yu can only realize a clean biuti that is mad only when self begins to speak or to display some acshns. Do yu knowledgestend Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! That is the madness that is in Yahwehoma. Choiii! Mek self to be clearly aware.

Yahwehoma had insulted Me. I spoke a werd and Yahwehoma challengd Me. Leht self continue. But leht self be aware that in a brightness or restin hour, all that self did must appear before self. As I told yu to ask Me to show yu compasshn, the compasshn comes as a result for yua little obediens. But yu cannot take desishn by yua self and yu come to ask me for compasshn. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes Awa Ridima! In the manner Truth Biuti spoke last brightness without knowin what it meant. I yet show compasshn. My little biutis, I think I hav to stop here. Yu that are doin My werk, I shall be with yu. Ka odi otua! Do My werk, do not allau enemy to deceive yu. Ka odi otua! Do not allau yua enemy to deny yu yua favor. Ka odi otua! Do yu knowledgestend Me? Yes Awa Ridima! As I seid, I shall guide yu. Ka odi otua! I shall fight yua battle and mek yu to triumph over yua enemy. Ka odi otua! Seyz by Yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Ka odi otua!   

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