During the new brightness Meeting service when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH beauties in existence were giving reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM serving beauty thus:

 Welcome to my presence!  I wil begin from what happened in this new brightness, Truth Beauty was assisting the woman in union to prepare the little beautis inside, when Truth Beauty looked at the time, self did not know that the time had already reached for new brightness family humble demand. But as soon as Truth Beauty watched the time, self quickly ran to yoin in the humble demand. This is what I want to use to teach yu something; if yu are not carefil, yu will not know when yu commit sin yu might not intend to commit. If not that Truth Beauty watched the time, self would have relaxed there without knowing that the time had reached. Some among yu are not carefil about what yu speak from yua mouth, or what is coming out from yua nephesh, nor to watch what yua eyes are beholding.  Based on that, some among yu are committing sin unknowingly. But as Truth Beauty watched the time, self made haste and entered immediately. If yu should be carefil about yuaself, it would not be easy for yu to commit sin.  I always tell yu that yu use to be careless sometimes. I have said it severally, that is why yu need to be more carefil before yu take any acshen [action].

ImmanuYahweh, welcome! Listen I recalled what I had told yu, I love yu, I love yu, I love yu, how many times?  Recall what I had told yu when yu were coming to the Passover [The last Passover at AMALA], recall that I told yu that as yu were driving all the way from Ado Ekiti , getting to the Niger Bridge, yua vehicle had an accident. And I told yu that it happened Based on the fact that yu were distracted. Eh! I AM using it to give yu an illustration. It doesn’t matter how long yu have being doing my werk but what matters is how obedient and humble yu are. Now I want to speak to yu ImmanuYahweh, yu did the right thing to receive Truth Beauty in yua house, when yu bought yua meat, animal flesh or banana, yu also bought for Truth Beauty. I behold all these things, but there is something I would desire to tell yu, this should be first among the verdicts that should teach yu a great lezzin [lesson] and tell yua woman in union. Do yu knowledgestend that YahwehMoshe wez trained in Paroh [Pharaoh] house? ImmanuYahweh, are yu aware that It wez Paroh that provides garment for YahwehMoshe, self also gave accommodation and feeding to YahwehMoshe for those years in Paroh house? But did yu know what brought about Paroh destrucshen? Paroh looked down on who? YahwehMoshe! Paroh wez beholding YahwehMoshe as the little beauty that wez in self house.  Based on that, self then looked at YahwehMoshe as a small beauty.  Had it been that Paroh wez sober and humbled self to YahwehMoshe, destruction wouldn’t have come on self, did yu knowledgestend?  What I am trying to tell yu is that yu should be obedient, I AM not wicked and I cannot be wicked any time. Yu should know that before Truth Beauty came to yua house, I had made Truth Beauty to be what Truth Beauty is. I sent Truth Beauty to yu, though I had much other places to send Truth Beauty but I sent self to yu. I wil not fail yu, but what I am here to tell yu is that I have the record for whatso is happening. I have yua record and I have the record for all yu have said and also all the beauties around yu. I AM here to advice yu and all yu beauties to be carefil. I told yu all beauties that yu were there yet I called Truth Beauty. I told yu also that what I put in Truth Beauty is not in any among yu. Let me ask yu a queshen, I heard this matter when yu were talking last brightness, did yu behold any anger in Truth Beauty? It wez Truth Beauty that wez trying to Know how the Matter could be what? Settled! I have heard much werds, that Truth Beauty wez acting as General Overseer.

Tell all that made that statement to humble demand and tell Me to forgive them. Now let me ask yu a queshen, if a driver that is handling a stirring should deviate, can another beauty come and control that steering? Is that beauty a driver? No! I asked a queshen, is that beauty a Driver? No!  Again if the driver should behold that the tire has a problem and kept quiet over it, is that man qualified to be a driver? No! That is what I AM trying to say that I gave Truth Beauty my authority to speak and Truth Beauty cannot behold when things are going wrong and close self mouth. Yu should all be carefil!  Be carefil! It is not yua duty to pass a verdict. There are some werd that yu begin to speak without knowing that yu have harmed yuaself. I have told yu to leave Truth Beauty for Me, I know how to control Truth Beauty. I have come to advice yu my little beauties to follow Me, yu don’t know the way, I know the way.  I want yu beauties to be obedient to Me, did yu know the time I wil call yu home? I asked yu all? No! If yu are careless now, where did yu think that yu will go? Yes! Recall that heylel that is an enemy now, that none among yu can do the work Heylel did in My dwelling place. The disobedient malahkim also were occupied in my werk and were doing well but yet they disobeyed and they are no more in My kingdom.  If I should ask a queshen, ImmanuYahweh, yes Awa RIDIMA! All yu……. Alright! Yahwehmeka. Yes Awa RIDIMA! At least yu behold Nonyerem?  Yes Awa RIDIMA! Is there any beauty among yu that wil say that self is as committed to this werk as Nonyerem? No awa RIDIMA! I love to say this for yu to recall that Nonyerem sold some part in self sand [ground] for this werk, are yu aware? Yes awa RIDIMA! Are yu aware? Yes awa RIDIMA! Are yu aware? Yes awa RIDIMA! Where is self now?  What I AM trying to tell yu now is that if after Paroh had Trained who? YahwehMoshe! But yet self wez destroyed. What destroyed self is that self didn’t recognize the serving beauty I sent.

 Had it been that paroh had said ah, me have surrendered, the problems and afflictions self encountered wouldn’t have been, did yu knowledgestend what I AM saying? But self wez contesting with Me, I told yu that beautis are too small to contest with Me. I have also come to tell yu that if any among yu should speak what condemned another beautis nephesh, that beauty wil pay for it. Let Me ask yu a queshen, is there any beauty among yu that Truth Beauty hath called and began to speak evil against any other beauty, is there any among yu that can tell Me now?  No! Does it mean that yu are getting what yu are doing right? I know more than yu. I know all the things yu have said, even if yu are unable to recall them. I AM here to tell yu that I have not come to pass verdict but to give yu correcshens so that yu wil be able to reach yua destination. Truth Beauty is a small beauty as it is but there is something that is in Truth Beauty that is not in yu. By every aspect, yu have behold it.

ImmanuYahweh, if yu are talking with Truth Beauty, does the werd that comes out from self mouth sounds as a little beauty werd? Is there any among yu that observe the werds from Truth Beauty as a young man speech? Who made it to be so? Is Yu AWA RIDIMA. There are signs that wil show yu that it is Me even though yu don’t accept that it is Me. There are some things that yu wil behold and know that it is Me. Let Me talk to yu a little and use it to tell My beautis that they don’t knowledgestend how I handle matters. I always speak over things when things had happened. Now listen, when YahwehAdam and YahwehChavvah ate the forbidden fruit, I kept quiet. Did yu know that I did not ask about it immediately? Are yu aware? YahwehAdam wez looking for a wey to cover it up. I did not ask them immediately it happened and by then, they were naked and were looking for a wey to hide. I now began to ask self queshen, what made Me not to go straight to ask them why should yu eat this fruit? Rather I asked them have yu eaten that forbidden fruit? Does it mean that I did not know that they had eaten the fruit? Yu know! What I AM trying to sey, is that I always speak to yu over what yua Nephesh had already condemned yu. I had told yu that I wil not make Truth Beauty to speak over all that happens. Have I told yu this before? Yes yu have! Have I said it? Yes! When I asked the prostitute woman for weter, why did I not tell that woman that self wez a prostitute? We began awa Interacshen gradually til it reached a point I began to tell the woman. Listen, if yu use whatso yu have as knowledgestending, it wil mislead yu. How much times have I said it?

 Now I yet love to ask yu a queshen, various among yu have being to Truth Beauties Papa house, did yu think that I don’t have all it takes for Me to make Truth Beauty to build a house before now? Truth Beauty had planned plenty years to build a house by self but I stopped it. I allowed it as a test to Truth Beauty. It wez recently that I said it, is that true? Yes Awa RIDIMA! Now Truth Beauti concern had been on the Solution Center. I love to ask yu a queshen, did yu know how much beauties gave to Truth Beauty that wez invested in that Solution Center? If it is yu, would yu not think about having yua own house? At least for yu to have a resting place! Behold the old building in Truth Beauti Papa home, the roof and even some among the blocks and the woods on it have begun to fall. I ask yu all, is there any among yu whose house or Papa house is in that condishen? No! But has Truth Beauty complained to yu about it for a brightness? No! I asked yu a queshen? No Awa RIDIMA! If not as I told Truth Beauty to go and begin self house proyect…….. Leave this young man alone for Me and find yua own wey. It is Me that wil favor yu, it is not Truth Beauty.

 How obedient are yu to Me? I didn’t hate yu! I didn’t hate yu! I told yu to be obedient to Me. Please this spoken werd should be sent to My beautis. Did yu hear what I said? Yes Awa RIDIMA! I love to ask yu another queshen, If a little beauti grows up to a certain level and desires to put up a building while the Papa is yet steying in a thatched House, and self built a comfortable place for self to stey, wont it be a mockery to that beauti?  Is that not a mockery? It is a mockery! If yu all have places to stey and Truth Beauti Has no place to lay self head, is that not a mockery to yu? It is a mockery! Is that not a mockery? It is a mockery! Why everything wez postponed wez for yu to enyoy the truth that yu are enyoying now. If I had made Truth Beauti to be what I had desired Truth Beauti to be, how did yu think that yu would have had the privilege that yu are having now? If yu talk about business, Truth Beauty knows Business. Did yu hear what I said? Even with the little yu have observed, yu wil be convinced but I stopped self. If I stopped self in order to make yu to be what I desire yu to be. How do yu think about it?

 This young man that does not have even a place to stey…….. All this insult that is going on in this yard to Truth Beauti, haven’t yu behold it? Don’t yu behold it? Now if a man should insult yua Papa, and yu have all it takes to find another Place for yua Papa, wont yu do it? Is it yua Papa that they are insulting? Whom are they insulting? It is yu that they are insulting! In other werds, every insult that Truth Beauti is receiving here is directly coming to yu. Think about all my verdicts! All among yu do not care about the rent for this place that Truth Beauti is steying.

Now I yet desire to tell my beautis In Truth Genareshen Yahweh Movement that they should make a place for my beauti to stey and be comfortable no matter what it takes. YahwehCyprian, Yes Awa RIDIMA! Don’t yu have yua own room where yu stey? Yes me have! Do yu have? Yes! But imagine the beauty that I AM using is sharing a room with the woman in union and all the little beauties that I gave to self, having no place to rest. And yu are telling Me that yu are getting it right, how are yu getting it right? Whom did yu think that I wil use to make this provishen? Tell them that they should do something now either by providing a cement bag, bundle for zinc, wood or anything that yua hands can afford. And bring them together and give My Serving Beauti a place to stey. Tell them that this young man did not do any evil. Though they might not have much but they should take from the little they have to be partakers in this proyect. I wil pay them in return. But if they refuse I wil also do it.

I love to ask yu a queshen; did yu hear Yahwehwasi thenksgiving during the 4th counting year end Passover in the Solution Center? That self had a challenge and came to the Solution Center and the problem wez solved. Self confirmed that this place is a real Solution Center. What did I sey when that place wez under Construcshen? Yu said that the place would be called “Solution Center”! Yes! When the little beauti that I gave to YahwehMike In Onitsha wez brought to Solution Center, did yu behold that little beauti? Eh! Did yu behold self? Yes Awa RIDIMA! When that little beauti wez brought here again, how did yu behold self? Self wez totally healed. Did yu think that little beauti would have survived considering self flesh and the condishen? If yu come to Solution Center with yua challenges and did not get the solution, return and search yua self.

 What I AM saying is that, this information should be passed immediately to all my beautis and I need that building to be completed within the shortest possible time. Did yu hear what I said? Yes Awa RIDIMA! Tell them that I desire that house to be completed as quickly as possible. Who have money for cement or Wood or Zinc or sand, should bring them. That is how it is going to be done. If that is being done, what did yu think wil be the story in that place? The beautis there wil use what they know “and would sey that his church people have built a house for self”. Is that true? Yes Awa RIDIMA! Would it not be a thing for respect to yu? Yes Awa RIDIMA! From here yu begin to receive honour as they say. As yu have been going there to do the manual werk on the site, there has been enough respect for yu from the villagers. I told yu that I wil favor yu but the favor must begin from Truth Beauti. Have I said it? Yes Awa RIDIMA! I have also told yu not to envy, if yu envy, yu have destroyed yua own favor. Listen I have said yu should reyoice for the proyect, Eh! Not a hypocritical smile or reyoicing in pretense. Wisdom! Wisdom!  Wisdom!  Can yu recall the several times I have called yu now? First to Third Times! Inasmuch as yu are making effort over this werk, I behold yu! Watch! I will stop by seying watch! So, Hmm! I don’t have much to sey.

That Right Written Werds I gave yu should be completed at all cost. I have told yu that it is from that Right Written Werd that I wil favor yu, Eh! Have I told yu this before? Now if I told yu that it is from that Right Written Werd that I wil favor yu and yu are delaying it, what are yu delaying? Awa Favor! Did yu knowledgestend Me? That means that yu are somehow holding yua favor. But don’t worry, when it is done, yu wil behold Me. Now all among yu should try to learn something from Truth Beauti. Yahwehwisdom, there wez a resting hour that Truth Beauti wez correcting yu for bringing things to the site and finished it alone. What did Truth Beauti tell yu? Truth Beauti said that self cannot buy anything and finish it alone without sharing it with others. Wez Truth Beauti Telling lies? That is how yu should have concern about others.

Again, let Me tell yu, why it appears as if meat does not lack in Truth Beautis house is on account for self disposishen. Had it been that if anything enters this house, Truth Beauti would tie it for self and family, self would have been tying down self favor. Did yu knowledgestend? A woman brought some items here as African salad [Abacha], Onions, and other things, Yesterbrightness, ImmanuYahweh brought yiaom [Yam] from Ado-Ekiti also and all were shared. What remained for Truth Beauti and the family wez only a tuber for “Yiaom”. Yust a tuber for “yiaom”! If things are shared in that manner, don’t yu think it wil make Me to pour My favor upon beautis. As ImmanuYahweh brought this “yiaom”, don’t yu think that I wll pay ImmanuYahweh? But how I will pay is in different weyz that yu might not know.

When I sey I wil pay yu, I have different weyz for My payment but yu might not knowledgestend Me. ImmanuYahweh, due to some challenges yu had before now, did yu think that yu could be in existence til now? No Awa RIDIMA! Did yu think about that? Do yu know why yu are yet in existence? When I sey that I wil pay yu, yu don’t know the area I wil pay yu. Now let Me ask yu a queshen, I speak to yu in different weyz but in correcshen, if yu die and a spot is found on yu, where do yu think yu wil be going to? If I give yu chance to correct things before yu die that yu might enter my Dwelling Place, is there any payment that is greater than that? No! When I speak, I alweyz speak in Parebles and if yu feel that yu knowledgestend, yu might not Knowledgestend Me. Did yu knowledgestend Me? Yes Awa RIDIMA!

YahwehMeka, if I should ask yu a queshen, do yu think that yu would have been in existence by now? No Awa RIDIMA! Yu should know that I AM watching over yu. I desire yu to check yua own side. I had told yu that this is the last place that Truth Beauti would stey in a rented house. Did I sey it? Yes Awa RIDIMA! I told Truth Beauti that from here yu wil pack to yua own House, did I sey it? Yes Awa RIDIMA! When Truth Beauti wez trying to do self wil by going to look for another place that would enter self and be convenient enough to stey and do the werk. Who stopped that move? It is Yu Awa RIDIMA! Did yu know how I stopped it? No Awa RIDIMA! Yu didn’t know! If Truth Beauti had gotten the money self would have paid for it. When Truth Beauti promised to pay the Man two Hundred Thousand Naira [200,000], I made the man to count charges over the money. Can yu respect Me? Why I did it wez that I desire to esteem My Werds. If Truth Beauty had vacated from here to that place, several beautis would have been seying that Yua RIDIMA hath said that this would be the last Rented House that Truth Beauti would stey. Some might not sey it out but carry it in their Nephesh, did yu Knowledgestend Me? Yes Awa RIDIMA!

It is an agreement between Me and Truth Beauti, but yu! Yu! Yu! Be carefil. Do yu Knowledgestend Me? Yes Awa RIDIMA! It doesn’t matter the time yu began but what matters is yua end. Send My spoken Werd to Abuya and tell them that I behold all their mess and that as various among them that blaspheme my Werd must surely pay for it. What did I sey? Yu said that as various among the beautis that blaspheme Yua Werd wil surely pay for it! Tell them that even if they turn away from their evil, they would not be free from Blasphemy. Not only them, but as various beautis in Truth Generation Yahweh Movement that use their Mouth to blaspheme My name shall not be free. Did yu knowledgestend me? I don’t have much to sey, but I reemphasis that yu should complete that Right Written Werd I gave to yu. Let Me ask yu a queshen, if a man pack everything yu need in a house and give yu a key to the house, if yu refuse to use the key to open the house, or yu use another key to try, what are yu doing? Yu are wasting yua time! But if yu should open it, then yu wil get all yu need. All yu need is contained in My Right Written Werd, if yu are delaying………,The little favor yu are getting now is only by My compasshen  to yu. When the Right Written Werd is completed that is where yu wil get all yu need.

 Recall what I said that if Truth Beauti has no place to stey, it is a mockery to yu and not to Truth Beauti. Do yu know what brings success in a family, if the family knows that they have no house, what do yu think that they wil do? They wil yoin hands to build a house. If yu should come together, and each gladly begin to bring what they have. Tell them that death came to take several beautis in existence among them but for being partakers in building the Solution Center, I stopped them from dying. But yu might not Knowledgestend!

Let Me tell yu, that why there are several challenges this year; is the Solution Center. Heylel observed what is there and rose in anger, and began to bring much calamities. That wez why I told yu that yu wil be what I desired yu to be and the werks from Heylel will not stop it. I know what heylel had planned. All the challenges that come this year after Passover, have yu behold such Right from the time yu began Truth Generation Yahweh Movement? No Awa RIDIMA! It is not on account for sin, but I had observed it and had told yu to be seying that the werks from Heylel wil not stop what I desire yu to be, in order to nullify Heylel werks. Yu might not knowledgestend.  I wil not fail yu, I wil not disappoint yu.

 Now if I should ask yu a queshen, do yu behold what happened to IkeYahweh? Give IkeYahweh this spoken Werd, tell IkeYahweh that I wil be with self, that I need self and the family to come closer to Me. IkeYahweh sent money for this Solution Center, Isn’t it? Yes Awa RIDIMA! IkeYahweh gave the vehicle Sienna for My werk and that vehicle wez used to carry much building materials to the Solution Center. Then Heylel rose on attack on IkeYahweh as a man that supported the Building: Solution Center. If not Me, IkeYahweh wouldn’t have been in existence this Brightness. But tell self, the battle wil soon be over, but let self come closer to Me. That wez why I told yu that the Qahal Center that is in self Compound should not be removed. I had said it earlier. And IkeYahweh and the woman in Union should not think on getting another place for the Qahal. That no matter how little it is, My Presence is there, inasmuch as that place is called by My name, did yu Knowledgestend Me? If l love u I wil have something to connect yu.

ImmanuYahweh, that Big Qahal in Ado Ekiti, do yu know that my name is there? Despite Beautis Mockery, Do yu know what kept yu til now? I don’t have much to sey, Round off yua humble demand. As yu go for the foundation, yu wil first make a humble demand, steanding on my name to nullify every agreement done by yua Papa or by the past genareshen, that in My name they are all cancelled. Ka Odi Otua! Forget about every threat from anywhere but I love to assure yu that that building will be a surprise. So Be It! Tell my beautis that the Serving Beauti that I used to favor them and to give them this truth should have a place to stey. Tell all My beautis to come together and make provision for self where self wil have time to find My presence. All among yu wil bear witness that Truth Beauti has no any private place and without complaining. All this things are prize to prove Truth Beauti to know whether self wil take step by self, do yu Knowledgestend Me?

 But I desire to ask yu queshen, how I AM taking Truth Beauti, did I uplift Truth Beauti at the same time? Everything had been on gradual process, Truth Beauty first stey wez in a room, later self entered into First to Second rooms, from there to Ado where self wez managing a room, from there to ImmanuYahweh House where self occupied First to Second Rooms. In other werds Truth Beauti has been Managing First or Second Rooms all the while. Yu and yua Family could manage First to Second Rooms, but here, how much rooms is Truth Beauti Managing now?  A room! Is that not? It is! Now is that not Painfil? ImmanuYahweh, did yu hear when Truth Beauti wez seying that the foam self is Managing with the woman in Union and the Little beautis I gave to them, often makes self to feel Pains in the waist? Hah! Think about it. If it is church would such be? No! If it were church system, before the Solution Center could be constructed, Pastor own house must have been on the ground. Even if yu are steying in a rented house, yu will yoin hand to build the pastor house, is that not true? It is! Is that not? It is!

 Now it is Yua RIDIMA that is seying that there is need for all among yu to gather together as a Family to provide a house. The little yu have, give it for the werk, I wil not fail yu, So Be It! Do yu knowledgestend? Yes! Whatso they do to yu in respect for this truth should not trouble yu, I wil not fail yu, I wil defend yu. So Be It! This is where I wil stop, as various beautis that wil obey Me should obey Me. I love to recall to yu all what I had said concerning Solution Center, that yu should go and make plans on how yu can acquire more ground as they call, so that as yu will be coming to the next Passover, yu will have a place to stey. Did yu hear Me? I have spoken about that before.

 Tell them that this Half Year Passover is the next what? Counting! Tell them to prepare their Nephesh First and to prepare what they are going to give Me as an appreciashen. Some among them use to give Me carelessly. They should know that several beautis in existence used to spend their money on Hospital bill, but I have been protecting them. But to come and tell Me thenk Yu, they find it difficult. Some among them give Me whatso they feel. Tell them that that is not what it is supposed to be. They should give Me what wil make Me to know that they appreciate what I have been doing for them. All the serving beautis should be prepared and all other beautis should also be prepared. Do yu hear what I said? So tell them that they should be prepared, let it not be that it took them unaware. Do yu knowledgestend Me?

 I think I wil stop at this point. First is to Prepare their Nephesh, to recall how I have protected and saved them and recall how I fought the battle on their behalf. They wil have all evidences to give Me Right thenks, I deserve it. I AM not begging them, but it is for them to show Me that what I did to them, that they appreciate it and that wil make Me also to…… But if they should do it carelessly, it shows that what I did…. I AM not taking it. Let them do it to show Me appreciashen and to make Me to know that they value how I kept them. Do yu knowledgestend? I think I wil stop at this point. Send this spoken werd to my beautis. Said by Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak. So Be It!

NOTE: for all money meant for Truth Beauti building should be sent to the following bank account details;








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