During the new brightness Meeting service when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH beauties in existence was giving reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM serving beauty thus:

Right new brightness my little beauties, Right new brightness Awa Ridima.

Based on the werk that began on last brightness on My Written Werd, I want to ask yu a queshen. This werk yu are doing, have yu found it easy? Answer me [No Awa Ridima]. Now do yu know that if yu carry much sand and mix with rice, that it wil take yu much time before clear separashen could be achieved, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. And it needs yu to take enough time, even after selecting, yu might feel that yu have selected it to the point that there wil be no sand again, but returning to do a more proper checking, yu wil also behold some sand, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]

Now what are yu doing over this werk? Heylel uses self own agents to establish much curses, many evil and many idol werds. Now I AM using yu to remove them [Thenk yu Awa Ridima]. There is something I wil want yu to know as yu are doing this werk, yua own passion as they say is to make sure that there wil be no any evil werd, is that alright? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Again, Yua own passion is to do the werk that wil make Me to be glad. Is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Alright, this is also the way that Heylel called self own agents to also make Heylel to be glad.  But I want to speak, if not as I came to correct, all the werds yu were speaking MORNING DEVOTION, who owns it? [It is Heylel].

 Now I want to ask yu another queshen; these first to second werds that yoin [join] together; tell Me any werd there that is not a curse? Morning is a curse, devotion is a curse; is the devil itself. In Devotion what is OCEAN [Water], what is DEV “Devil”. [That is to say, Devotion means DEVIL OCEAN].

Now can yu knowledgestend that all these werds yu were talking; “In the morning, early in the morning, in the morning, they wil rise and praise their Lord”. Now what are they doing? Agreement with Heylel [Satan]! “During the time for sorrow [mourning], early hour for sorrow as they say, they wil rise up and praise heylel”. I called yu to show yu the way out. I came to tell yu that this werk is a generashen werk. Yu might not knowledgestend.

A woman that have a beauty [child] in the womb, what that woman beauty have in the womb self wil not know, is that right? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But it is when the beauty [child] comes out, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima] that the woman wil behold. I heard much stories, “about  women beauties who delivered what does not resemble  beauties [children]. Yes Awa Ridima. But when self have it in the womb, what did they think? [Normal beauty in existence]! The quality for what yu have cannot be knowledgestend until it comes out; it cannot be known until it comes out, do yu knowledgestend? [Yes Awa Ridima], even as yu are. Now a man beauty who went and married a woman that cannot conceive nor have a little beauty [child] in the womb, does that man know that the woman cannot conceive? [No Awa Ridima] but it wil be made known as time goes on. Also, if a woman has a man that cannot conceive a woman, does that woman know before then? [No Awa Ridima] but it is when the action takes place that it wil be made manifest.

What I AM trying to tell yu is that My Right Written Werd I gave to yu has a value yu do not knowledgestend now. Yu wil not knowledgestend until the Right Written Werd comes out,  that is the time yu wil know. Listen if there is no separashen, EVIL wil not be known and the RIGHT thing wil also not be known. From the time yu went into the radio steshen and they asked yu to stop the program, have I spoke about it? [No Awa Ridima].

Now l want to teach yu a little thing about that. As some from yua midst have spoken over what they don’t know. The Radio steshens are following the constitution that wez made by their master, did yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now, I want to declare to yu that Heylel is always a looser. [So be it]. Now what I expect yu to do is to go into the social media publicashens: internet, facebook, you tube and be posting this spoken werd. I wil use it to get more than the place yu went, did yu get Me? And as yu are doing this Right Written Werd, It is a battle between Me and them. 

What yu should do is to make the evil werds a booklet, and also arrange My Right Written Werd even if it is My first Law Record. When yu go to witness to them, yu also make them to behold it and to have time to go through them and their eyes wil be opened and they wil know that it is not a story. But as yu are presenting them without any prove; it looks as if yu are yoking [Joking], or yu don’t know what yu are saying, or something is wrong with yu, do yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]

But I want to declare to yu that I cannot begin something and stop it on the way, so yu beauties should all put things together. When that is done, you can now boldly go out from place to place, did yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But do not fight yuaselves, I repeat do not fight yuaselves, this battle is not a physical battle. This is the time, the time that have been assigned by YUA ALMIGHTY OWNER YAHWEH- YAHWEH to make an end to Heylel activities, and to open My beauties in existence knowledgestending [ka odi otua]. As yu are removing the evil werds, establish what is supposed to be there, I wil be with yu [ka odi otua].

If I should ask yu a queshen, the knowledgestending yu have now, are yu not enyoying                   [enjoying] it?  [Yes Awa Ridima]. The mysteries that I AM revealing to yu now, are yu not enyoying [enjoying] them? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Then don’t yu behold that if these mysteries are made known to others out there, they wil also enyoy [enjoy] them? So what I AM trying to let yu know is that English is My enemy. What yu need to do is translate the werd the way I want yu to translate them. Then yu can give them; first the meaning [glossary], then show them how to read and knowledgestend them. It is as a key; when yu give a beauty a key, to open a door wil be so easy, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima].

Before I round up, Yahwehmdi [Yes Awa Ridima] I want to make yu to knowledgestend My Werd, as much as it can be done by My beauties. When yu are coming to read My Werd, I wil be glad when yu use Right Written Werd. Make it operate from the right side, I wil be glad. Yu beauties do easily forget My Spoken Werd, did yu knowledgestend what I said?

Without wasting time, I wil stop at this point but prepare yuaself and inform others; speak to them. The young beauties are going astray. Inform them that I did not make True Generashen Yahweh Movement to be an open field, where all beauties wil decide what should be done. If things are not done the way it supposes to be……

When I came, I wez sent by YUA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima] When Avraham wez sent, self wez sent by Yua Owner YAHWEH- YAHWEH and the instrukshen wez that others should listen and obey; the call wez not made for all beauties in existence to come out and decide what should be done, No! Yu beauties are going astray.

Truth Beauty, there is something that happened last brightness, when they called yu from Abuya [Abuja] about their marriage issue; let me put it in that way. They have began it, and also have gone to their place before they called yu. Yu asked them and they confirmed that they have began it. Yu told them that Qahal have nothing to do again and that they should go ahead and do it in as much as they have taken the steps.  Yes what are they inviting yu to come and do again? Make them to know that I said, any beauty who proposes to any woman or man by self without beholding the serving beauty; inform them that whatso comes out from it; self wil carry it.

Heylel have used them to begin to prepare their nefesh to corrupt other beauties. Inform them that what I said is that in My Qahal, there wil be no protocol for union, is that what I said? Is that what I said? In other werds, that the union should not be difficult for them. I did not inform them to come and decide on their own. It is not how it should be, even if they have made a humble demand and proven it, they should make the serving beauty to be aware, so that self could give some direkshens and to inform other beauties to yoin in humble demand over the issue. If I approve it; then they would bring their evidences and necessary queshens could be asked to the first to second parties before the union can commence. It is not for yu to begin by calling the woman or the man; is that how things ought to be?

Inform them that My eyes is on them. Let me speak to yu, don’t take the issues concerning these young beauties carelessly [lightly], so that Heylel wil not use them to scatter things in the Qahal. If any beauty tries that, don’t hesitate to give them suspenshen, did yu knowledgestend what I said? I repeat MY self don’t take it carelessly


with them and inform all the serving beauties. They don’t have any right to do as they choose; they should humbly go and read how union should be done.  

Did Yitzhak behold self woman in union until they brought self for their union?  Yahwehadam wez there and beheld how I gave self a woman in union. They should follow the foundashen. Inform them also that many beauties have poizened [poisoned] some young beauties nefesh. Again, inform them that what they sow is what they shall reap. This is not Truth Beauty that is speaking; This is Me Yua Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK that is speaking now and this spoken werd should be circulated all over My Qahal centers.

If any beauty should behold any mistake or anything that is not proper; should go directly to the serving beauty and inform self.

Some among yu are fighting yuaselves in the social media and I want to talk about it: Social media is a place yu should be able to send My Werds to correct beauties.  Why not send it beautinal [personal]? All this should stop. A kingdom that is fighting against itself cannot do what?  [Not stand].

I wil not waist much time on account for the little beauties that are going to Garden for Truth Knowledge. What I AM trying to say is that all necessary correkshens should be made. I wil not come from My dwelling place and make those correkshens.

These spoken werds should be read to the serving beauties during this their forth coming meeting. Inform them that if they want to be serving beauties they should humble themselves in obedient.  Some serving beauties are playing, some are not faithfil, and some are compromizing. I behold them and have severally given them warning, but if they should continue in their ways, they wil know that it is not a beauty as them that called them.

I wil stop at this point, who have knowledgestending let self have it, says by Yua Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.

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