During the new brightness Meeting service when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH beauties in existence was giving reverence



Right new brightness my little beauties, Right new brightness Awa Ridima.

I hear a voice that says “my savior yu are so great” is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now let me ask yu a queshen, are there not some men that answer the werd great? I ask a queshen, if I AM Great they are great, how do yu behold this?

Well, I spoke, I always speak with yu base on what yu know, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But I come to speak a little, I say now “well” is that not true [Yes Awa Ridima], but is it the right werd to used? [No Awa Ridima] No, who say No! Yu say No? [Yes Awa Ridima], can yu tell me the right werd to use [Right]. Yu answer right, “why should yu used it? [There is no other choice for we to replace it]

Truth beauty, I speak to yu, I told yu the meaning “SNAKE”. Yu say they say Snake is what, very what? Speak [more subtle than any beast on the field]. Very well, I still say “well”. But little beauties now think about that name “SIN- NECK” did yu behold NECK there? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Then do yu knowledgestend that the other is establishment from sin, is that true? Ok yu may not knowledgestend, did yu get what I say “SIN NECK”. Now what is it signify? “SIN IS IN YUA NECK” not in yua own neck but “SIN IS IN THEIR NECK”. Why should yu call snake? [Yes Awa Ridima]. It is the deceiver that put the yoke, sin yoke in Yahwehadam and Yahwehchavvah, do yu get it? Who will tell yu this? Now from there they get NECK- TIE. The same NECK. Now what did they removed from there? Is that sin, but they have neck. What is in the neck now is the same snake.

Well I AM still talking, Truth beauty, I spoke to yu, I smile, yu are man beauty I AM continued speaking. Now this werd that I used to speak to yu, I told yu that English werd, are what? [Poison] now let me ask yu queshen, yu should not get confused, this is an assignment. Now what did the “IBO” called what English called Truth? What do the Ibo called it? [they call it Ezi okwu] can yu interpret it in English [Awa Ridima is Right werd] Right werd or Right spoken werd is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima] now TRUTH and “EZI OKWU” now do they agree? Little beauties can yu tell me agreement with truth and right werd or right spoken werd?

Well, I have some graduate here who went to school to study; I will like to have an answer. There are learned men here. [Awa Ridima, it is not easy] What is not easy? I ask yu very simple queshen, how agreement truth and right werd have that is a very simple queshen. Ok, may be what I AM speaking is not right they have agreement, they agree [No Awa Ridima, Awa Ridima the werd truth is] I ask yu a queshen how do it agree right spoken werd and truth how did it agree? Alright do yu have anything to change Ezi okwu? [No] why now, alright lets began so that yu knowledgestend. What is right? Right is “Ezi” is that right [yes] okwu, what is okwu? [Werd] werd, now bring them together.

 I want to give yu an assignment. Remember that yu begin from TRUTH GOSPEL, [Yes Awa Ridima] from Truth Gospel to where, TRUE GOODNEWS, from True Goodnews to where? TRUE GENERASHEN. When yu call true gospel as at that time were yu not glad with that name [Yes Awa Ridima]. My little beauties, it is only me that can dictates the evil with this speaking werd.  There are some faults a car will have without computer the fault cannot be dictated, is that true [Yes Awa Ridima]. But if yu use computer the computer will dictates the fault. But sometimes if yu use computer that is not accurate, what do yu think will happen? [It will give yu wrong answer]. Now let me ask yu a simple queshen, if the truth yu are claiming now have an issue, what remain?

Well, I will not go into details. This brightness go and find origin for the werd “Truth” do yu hear what I say? [Yes Awa Ridima] smiles, well, it is only me that correct and that is what makes me to come.  I still want to talk about the radio program. I come to tell yu how things should be, but there is something yu must hear, yu are speaking but omitting something, tell them, when yu go back tell them that I call a man by name, do yu hear me? [Yes Awa Ridima] and I reveal this things to self for all my beauties to come together that this spoken werd they are hearing is not that yu came out to speak it by yuaself do yu hear? [Yes Awa Ridima]. And tell them that I have sent this man that I call to Pastors, General Overseers and prominent men, do yu hear me? And they refuse, and that is what makes me to now go and air it out.

I still want to talk. But I will say I come to correct, don’t yu deserve correcshen? [We deserve] yu deserve it? Can yu tell me what makes yu to deserve it [we will not err and go to the wrong side]. Is it so that yu will not be on the wrong side or yu will come out from the wrong side. [Come out from wrong side] And I will do it [ka odi otua].

I don’t have much to say, do this werk I will guide yu. [ka odi otua]. Finally, Truth beauty, Yahwehwisdom yu know one thing in me I don’t have secret, that vehicle, that bus yu purchase, Truth beauty I told yu to go and purchase it by my money yu saved, but that bus and others; what bus among them is stronger to that bus? [There is none that is stronger than that] how do yu mean? [They imported the materials] Now when they loose engine do yu behold that the price for werking on the engine is higher than the Mitsubishi own [Yes Awa Ridima] Why? [ Awa Ridima, the engine is expensive, secondary the damage] yu answer well, let me tell, is it all that can be able repair that bus? But if that vehicle is so strong and Mitsubishi is the vehicle that people are using, why? As yu said the body is strong and the engine is stronger than Mitsubishi. No the price is so high and not all beauties can afford it. Did yu get it? [Yes Awa Ridima].

Now know that truth as they say is more than what? Expensive, so many will go at the wrong side, but the truth remain, I will save my beauties that I want to be saved.

Yahwehemeka, yu left yua woman, but is there any man yu left yua family and left everything yu go and werk for that man and at the end ef the werk the man will not settle yu? [Awa Ridima, there are some men that can do that] I didn’t say a wicked man, I say a man beauty [ Awa Ridima, there are some men that can refuse to pay after werking for self] yu answer, but the truth as they say remain; that man is so wicked and is heylel. But a man, I say a man, when I say a man there is no beauty after doing a werk self will pay yu. So if a man can do that, then know that I can do, not I can do but can do more than that.

I still have a werd, listen things happened for yu to knowledgestend and know who is who. But tell YahwehShelomoh the spoken werd I told self to write that self have delayed. I gave a spoken werd to Wasi. And that spoken werd should be published and I allow these things to happen for yu to knowledgestend. Now YahwehWasi went into what self-called humble demand and call me to touch Truth beauty to come and efficiate evil. So by self own knowledgestending, it has reach to a point for me to empower a man to do evil.

Well, there is a werd I always remember yu that I don’t have a disobedient beauty [child]. When I say yu will die and yu will return to me I will save yu. The brightness I spoke about Wasi did I spoke about Yahwehnedum [Yes Awa Ridima] but Yahwehnedum is here doing my werk [Yes Awa Ridima] I will receive self, I have forgiven self [so be it]. But YahwehWasi have proved that self is a material from Heylel. I told yu the whole thing that any brightness yu disobey Truth Beauty yu disobey me. Have I made it known unto yu? [Yes Awa Ridima].

Well, I still talk. As YahwehWasi have laid his union [marriage] foundashen with disobedient, that is what will follow self. Now Truth Beauty, I told yu last resting hour, after this go and write this brightness, this is the brightness they are going to do their union, go and write the date, and keep it and watch what will happen, I repeat, when yu are going to write, write in my own counting and their own counting. And write it and keep it at where yu will not miss.

The most foolish in this earth is the man that fights what self cannot behold, I repeat, the most foolish beauty is the beauty that fights what self cannot behold. As I AM speaking tell me how I resembling [look like]. Now how do me enter into Truth Beauty and begin to talk? As I almost tell yu, if I should present it, Truth Beauty is greater than me, that is what makes me to enter into Truth Beauty.  Can yu bring this vehicle inside this room? [No Awa Ridima it cannot enter] Why not enter? [Awa Ridima, the vehicle is bigger than the door].  Yes that is to say for me to enter into Truth Beauty; is self  is bigger than me [No Awa Ridima]. Whatso yu feel as [like] doing it is a privilege I gave to yu.

Can yu watch Truth Beauty, tell me any among yu Truth Beauty have press or come out and challenge yu.  Yahwehemeka, I still want to ask yu, the last fowl what belongs to elderly did yu not receive it? [Yes Awa Ridima] why? I say why should yu receive it? And I choose to say that Truth Beauty is the first serving beauty I called in this generashen, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Why should that first man serving beauty give yu that [Truth Beauty considered me as an elder] yu answer right. But don’t that thing show yu something [Yes Awa Ridima]. Haven’t Truth Beauty boil water sometimes to keep for yu to wash flesh? [Several times Awa Ridima]. Is it only yu? Truth Beauty have boil water for many to wash flesh, If there is humility. Let me speak, last ressurecshen brightness yu beauties were coming it wez Truth Beauty that enter and open the gate and self wez holding this gate even Yahwehmdi left Truth Beauty. Even when the water from my throne wez dropping, Yahwehmdi enter inside, it wez Truth Beauty that hold this gate. Do yu know that what yu do I AM taking note? Are yu aware I have record? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Yahwehmdi this thing that I AM saying, is it true? [Yes Awa Ridima, but me entered on account that me wez carrying laptops], yu carry laptops, fine, but the laptop wez not dropped. But Truth Beauty wez holding that gate until the vehicle entered inside until self closed it. if it is church, will pastor do that? [No Awa Ridima]. Last resting hour who open the gate, it wez Truth Beauty. Then Truth Beauty should have order yu to tell yu to open the gate. All these things what are yu learning from it?

Can yu tell me that if I call yu up to this level, will yu be able to do these things? Are yu aware that lot men and women beauties in existence wants to use their eyes to behold Truth Beauty, are yu aware? Do yu know that? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Let me ask yu Yahwehnedum, when yua eyes have not behold Truth Beauty, were yu not thinking how yua eyes will behold Truth Beauty? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But the privilege I gave to yu, how are yu managing it? Some ef yu even don’t think about it.

Let me ask yu a queshen; even though yu are occupied, how many times have yu ask Truth Beauty yua garment, is it dirty? Let me wash it? Why I AM saying this is that be very carefil. I call yu all by myself and no among yu qualify before I called yu. Did yu hear My spoken werd? [Yes Awa Ridima]

Now is there any student that qualified before been a student? [No Awa Ridima]. Why? To be a student as they called is to learn is that right? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now that is the call I called yu. Even some beauties are still werking somewhere and are still going for study as they say, is it not true? Yes Awa Ridima. Anytime yu say yu know yu know it; that is where yu have missed it.

My right spoken werd this brightness is that, I have say that, I repeat that Yahwehwasi has behave as a little beauty [child] who clamp what? [Responds Storey building] I did not say that, the first wez tree very high tree and wez playing dancing on top and wez playing and fell from there, that wez the first werd I used, are yu aware? Yu might forget my werd and I said that I called Wasi not that self qualified but for Wasi to come out from self own werk, i keep Wasi there to wipe away self tears. And I say that, there is something I say that very soon I will close Wasi door for favor. That is, I did not close it at that time, is that what I say.

Well, yu might not knowledgestend. That is a kind ef privilege to know that Wasi have miss the way, without afraid for tempering my money, the money that wez giving for my werk. If I should ask yu a queshen, in an organizashen any man that does that in self office, will that office be attend to? If a beauty want to borrow money, before that beauty will be given the money self must follow a process, yu cannot yust take it, self will be sacked. Wasi felt that self know administrashen. Is that how administrashen is done over there? [No Awa Ridima].

Well, this is a battle between self and Me. But watch what will happened. Yahwehadam wez covered by me, but when self sin what I used to cover self wez taking away. Heylel wez in my dwelling place when Heylel sin what happened? Self wez cast out and did not have access to My Dwelling place again.

I will stop as this point; now let me return to the vehicle. Now after repairing the vehicle will the vehicle give more service than the Mitsubishi? [Yes Awa Ridima]. After werking on that engine will the engine last more than the Mitsubishi? [Yes Awa Ridima]. I still want to ask queshen, when I AM speaking I know where I stopped. Now if yu have Mitsubishi vehicle now, how are yu assured yuaself to carry it to Lagos now. [Awa Ridima, it can  not even reached Onitsha]

Now I still want to ask a queshen, the transporters that run far distance how many ef them do yu behold going with Mitsubishi vehicle? [None Awa Ridima], speak to me [None Awa  Ridima], yu have not behold it. from the time yu have been going to Abuya [Abuja] or Lagos, have yu behold any Mitsubishi vehicle they shout Abuya, Abuya [Abuya] or Lagos, Lagos? I ask queshen [No Awa Ridima] Why? [Mitsubishi vehicle cannot go far distance] yu answer right. But this Toyota, apart from Toyota, how many are yu beholding among the vehicles?

All these vehicles they name them according to how they modernized it. Homma is under Toyota, is that so? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now to show yu that the vehicle is strong. If I give yu a werd that is expensive, know that yu are going far; and know that there will be no disappointment anyway. [So be it]. The spoken werd I gave to yu is higher. My little beauties, now let me ask yu a queshen, all these pastors that are preaching bible in the radio, after preaching how many calls do they receive? [few Awa Ridima]. To ask, My little beauties queshen now, Why? The preachers for the bible is common to them now, there is nothing new to preach about do yu get what me is saying? [Yes Awa Ridima]. So is a normal thing to them. So for yu to come and say that the pastors are wrong; that is the time the company that made Toyota to tell them that Mitsubishi vehicle is wrong.

Why is it that they say Mitsubishi is wrong? They used material that is superior than Mitsubishi. When beauties behold it, they know that this won is superior that this, is that not so? [Yes Awa Ridima], but it is not all men beauties that can get it. In otherwise, Mitsubishi is another won that is made for local area, is that right? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But Toyota is meant to go anywhere.

MikhaYahweh, let me ask yu, when yu where coming from Ghana what vehicle did yu used [Responds, Big bus], big bus, what wez the product name [Awa Ridima, please me did not watch the product name], Yu did not watch about it; is the same Toyota vehicle we are talking about. But what we are saying is, it is actually a strong vehicle.

I still want to talk a little, there is levels. Now do yu know how many beauties are not going to use Mercedes as transport? Now the Mercedes producers their bus is not as rampant as this, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Why? Beauties are afraid about Mercedes and it takes more money. Now do yu behold, transporters cannot used it as well, they want to make gain. If Mercedes vehicle spoiled the money to repair is not small money, Do yu get it? Now do yu behold that all things is stage by stage. I have given yu the highest. As many as in large in the Ruakh will be able to get it [so be it]

I think I will stop at this point. I will protect yu [ka odi otua], I will lead yu to a level yu don’t expect [ka odi otua].

Yahwehnedum let me call yu, I heard yu when Truth Beauty called yu I mark it and I come to make yu know what yu said. Truth Beauty said, do yu want to assure me that such will not happened again and yu said Yes, is that yua werd? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Answering queshen is very simple, but I have given yu another privilege. Yu cannot yoke with My werk. I have many men that can do the werk more than yu can, so when I called yu to do my werk is a privilege. And no beauty, even if yu feel that yu have knowledgestending, right there I can take it away and yu will be looking for it. But let me speak to yu, it is not Me that will take it, is Heylel that will take it base on yua disobedient to make yu sin, what will make the knowledgestending to be taking away is sin. By that time Heylel wil [will] temper it. Have yu get Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]

The man I gave my knowledgestending to, YahwehShelomoh, how did that man managed it? What makes the man to useless the knowledgestending? It is disobedient and now went astray. YahwehShelomoh realized self at the die minutes and that is the time yu behold it is verdict. But at the earlier stage self wez behaving as something that is, what? Right.

Do yu know knowledgestend that the knowledgestending have been taking away [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now if I should ask queshen, haven’t the knowledgestending for YahwehWasi been taking away? if YahwehWasi should go and established self marriage as they call in disobedient and malice; don’t yu think that the knowledgestending have been taking away, if the knowledgestending is there self will not behave as such. If yu can remember what I said, that Yahwehnedum is wiser than YahwehWasi, is that what I said? [Yes Awa Ridima]. All the werd that I spoke I know. I say if Yahwehnedum return and obey. YahwehWasi stand and defend self. Now who is wise?

There is something I put in Truth Beauty mouth on the Agreement Meeting. Is not Truth Beauty that said it. I said that those who feel that they are wise will always be what? Fall. On account that what they call wise is foolish. Now let me ask yu a queshen, Yahwehwisdom, this bus that wez purchased yu know how it happened. If Truth Beauty did humbly self to werked with beauties, how self will be able to get that bus? Now do yu behold that there is what they call profit from being humble to humbled. Now at that time been humbled and speak to that man, is there any brightness the man will forget Truth Beauty? [No Awa Ridima]. Now even all the things that Truth Beauty tell that man, the man will also tell other beauties. But if those who exalt themselves are not able to come down, how wil a beauty be able to recognized them.

Well I still have a lot to say but I will stop at this point. No matter what yu hold in yua hands in existence be glad and give right thanks about it and I will favor yu. [ka odi otua]

We were talking, how many among yu that have committed to this werk up to YahwehProsper? Why I allow YahwehProsper to pass on is that, at the sick bed YahwehProsper reconciled with Me and I know that if YahwehProsper had been in existence again self will still return to self normal things. Did yu get Me? And that is why.

Listen, this My spoken werd should be documented, some are answering serving beauty but are not serving. Have yu remember there wez a time I said that as many that are answering serving beauty and are not, but I will disgrace them; Have yu heard. Have yu remember now, I said it. I still say Truth Beauty, that even if it is a Qahal that is faithfilled to qualify beauties, let that be. Now many that is claiming to be serving beauties and are not serving, they are not faithfilled in financial aspect, not faithfilled in many aspect but I have the record, fear and respect Me.

 I wil stop at this point; round up yua humble demand point and return to the werk. But as many as faithfilled to me I wil not fail them says by YUA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. So be it.


During the new brightness Meeting service when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH beauties in existence was giving reverence



Right new brightness my little beauties, Right new brightness Awa Ridima.

Base on the werk that began on last brightness, My Written Werd. I want to ask yu a queshen. This werk yu are doing, have yu found it easy? Answer me [No Awa Ridima]. Now do yu know that if yu carry much sand and mix with rice it will take time before separashen, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. And it need yu to take time even after selecting yu might fell that yu have select there will be no sand but returning to check yu will also behold some sand, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]

Now what are yu doing over this werk. Heylel uses self own agents to put out a lot ef curses, a lot ef evil and a lot ef idol werds. Now I AM using yu to remove them [Thenk yu Awa Ridima]. Now there is something I will want yu to know as yu are doing it now yua own passion as they say is to make sure that there will no be any evil werd, is that alright? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Yua own passion is to do the werk that will make Me to be glad. Is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Alright, now the same way Heylel called self own agents to also make Heylel to be glad.  But I want to speak, if not as I came, all the werds yu were speaking MORNING DEVOTION, who owns it? [It is Heylel].

 Now I want to ask yu a queshen; these first to second werds that yoin [join] together, tell Me any werd there that is not cursed?. Morning is cursed, devotion is cursed; is the devil itself. Devotion what is OCEAN [Water], what is DEVIL “Heylel”. [That is to say, Devotion means DEVIL OCEAN].

Now can yu knowledgestend that all these werds yu were talking; “In the morning, early in the morning, in the morning, they will raise up and praise their Lord”. Now what are they doing? Agreement with Heylel [Satan]. “During the time for sorrow, early hour for sorrow as they say, they will raise up and praise heylel” but I called yu to show yu the way out. I come to tell yu that this werk; it is generashen werk. Yu might not knowledgestend.

A woman that have a beauty [child] in the stomach what that woman beauty have in the stomach self will not know, is that right? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But it is when the beauty [child] comes out, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima] that the woman will behold. I heard a lot ef stories, “a woman beauty delivers what does not resemble a beauty [child]. Yes Awa Ridima. But when self have it in the womb, what did they think? [Normal beauty in existence]. The quality for what yu have cannot come out until it comes out; it cannot be known until it comes out, do yu knowledgestend? [Yes Awa Ridima], even as yu are. Now a man beauty that went and marry a woman that cannot conceive, cannot have a little beauty [child] in the womb, will that man know? [No Awa Ridima] but it is on the process. A woman that have a man that cannot pregnant a woman, do that woman know? [No Awa Ridima] but it is when the action take place.

In what I AM trying to tell yu My Right Written Werd I gave to yu, yu don’t know the value, yu didn’t knowledgestend until the spoken werd will come out that is the time yu will know. Listen if there will not be separashen; EVIL will not be known RIGHT thing will not be known. From the time yu went into the radio and they ask yu to stop, have I spoke about it? [No Awa Ridima].

Now l wants to teach yu a little thing about that. As some ef yu have speak over what yu don’t know. Now they are following their constitution that wez made by their master, did yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]. Now, but I want to declare to yu that Heylel is always a looser. [So be it]. Now what I expect yu to do is to go into the social media publication: internet, facebook, you tube be posting this spoken werd. I will use it to get more than the place yu are going, did yu get Me? And as yu are doing this Right Written Werd It is a battle between Me and them.  What will yu do: the evil werds make it as a book even if it is first Law Record from Me yu arrange it. When yu go after talking it out make them behold it, make them to have time to go through them and their eyes will be open and know that it is not a story. But as yu are presenting them without any prove; it looks as if yu are yoking [Joking], it looks yu don’t know what yu are saying, it looks something is wrong with yu, do yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]

But I want to inform [tell] yu that I cannot began something and stop it on the way so come up. When that is been done, you go out from place to place, did yu knowledgestend Me? [Yes Awa Ridima]. But do not fight yuaselves, I repeat do not fight yuaselves and this battle is not physical battle. This is the time, the time that have been assign by YUA ALMIGHTY OWNER YAHWEH- YAHWEH to make an end to Heylel activities, to open My beauties in existence knowledgestending [ka odi otua]. As yu are removing the evil that wez place there and put what is suppose to be I will be with yu [ka odi otua].

If I should ask yu a queshen, the knowledgestending yu have now, are yu not enyoying                   [enjoyment] it?  [Yes Awa Ridima]. The mysteries that took place, are yu not enyoying [enjoyment] them? [Yes Awa Ridima] then don’t yu behold that others that are there if they behold they will also enyoy


. So what I AM trying to let yu know I told yu; English is My enemy. What yu need to do is translate the werd the way I want yu to translate. Then yu can give them first the meaning; then show them the way. Is as a key; when yu give a beauty key, to open door will be so easy, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima]

Before I round up, Yahwehmdi [Yes Awa Ridima] I want to make yu to knowledgestend My Werd as much as it can be done by My beauties. When yu are coming to read My Werd I will be glad when yu used Right Written Werd makes it operate from the right side. I will be glad. Yu beauties are easily forgetting My Spoken Werd, did yu knowledgestend what I said?

Without wasting time, I will stop at this point but prepare yuaself and inform others; speak to them. The young beauties they are going astray. Inform them that I did not make True Generashen Yahweh Movement to be an open field where all beauties wil decide what should be done. If things are not done the way it supposes to do.

When I wez coming I wez sent by My Father, is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima] When Avraham wez sent self wez sent by Yua Owner YAHWEH- YAHWEH and the instrucshen wez that others should listen and obey; the call wez not made for all beauties in existence to come out and decide what should be done, No. Yu beauties are going astray.

Truth Beauty, there is something that happened last brightness they call yu from Abuya [Abuja] about their marriage let me put it in that way. They have began it, they have gone to their place and when they call yu; yu ask them and they said they have began it. Yu said the Qahal have nothing to do again they should go ahead and do in as much as they have taken the steps, yes what are they inviting yu to come again? Make them know, inform them that I said any beauty who call any woman or man by self; say self without beholding the serving beauty inform them that whatso comes out from it; self will carry it.

Heylel have used them to began prepare their nefesh for other beauties for another thought. Inform them that what I say is that in My Qahal there will be no protocol for union, is that what I said, is that what I said? In other werds, the union will not be difficult for them but I did not inform them to come and decide on their own is not how it should even if they have humble demand and prove it they will make the serving beauty behold this, behold that, behold this and if it is advice [counsel] then the serving beauty have the power to inform other beauties to humble demand. If I prove it then they bring their evident this will ask this won and another will ask the other after it the union will commence. Not for yu to call is that how things used to be?

Inform them that My eyes is on them and let me speak to yu don’t take it carelessly [lightly] with these young beauties, if yu take it carelessly [lightly] with them Heylel will used them to scatter things. Any beauty that tries that give them suspenshen, did yu knowledgestend what I said, I repeat MY self don’t take it carelessly [lightly] with them and inform all the serving beauties. They don’t have right; they should go and read how union should be done.

Wez Yitzhak behold self woman until they brought self?  Yahwehadam wez there and behold how I gave self woman so they should follow the foundashen. Inform them that a lot beauty have place poizen [poison] into some young beauties nefesh and inform them that what they sow they shall reap. It is not Truth Beauty; it is Me that is speaking now and this spoken werd should go all over My Qahal centers and inform them.

If any beauty behold any mistake or anything should go to the serving beauty and inform self. Some among yu are fighting yuaselves in the social media; I want to talk about it. Social media is a place yu will be able to put correshen why then not send it beautinal [personal]? All this should stop. A kingdom that is fighting against itself cannot do what?  [Not stand].

I will not waist much time on account for the little beauties that are going for Garden for Truth Knowledge but what I AM trying to say is correshen should be made. And I will not come from My dwelling place and make that correshen. This meeting that is coming to take place, this spoken werd should be read out. Inform them if they want to be serving beauties they should come up some beauties are playing, some serving beauties are not faithfilled, some serving beauties are compromizing I behold them I have given a lot ef warning but if they continue they will know that it is not a beauty as them that called them.

I will stop at this point, who have knowledgestending let self have it says by Yua Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK.

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