Durin the new brightness Meetin service, when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH biutis in existens were givin reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM servin biuti thus:

Yu said that I deserve Right thenks! What did I do to deserve thenks? So much! Are yu sure? What about the taim yu were goin through failure or lack, and yu were thinkin that yua taim haz gone, and yu began to consider that yu won’t be able to be as others. That taim, were yu givin Me thenks, or were yu feelin that I wez not faithfeos? But the Right Spoken werd is that I AM what I AM, and I deserve to be given Right thenks. It is not that yu said it! Listen! How often hav I told yu that if I tell yu that I shall do somethin, and that thin did not come to be?

And I hav told yu also that sometaims, if sin is found in yu, Heylel shall surely accuse yu, and the Malahk that is bringin yua liberashn shall otherwise…!  Now I desire to ask yu a Queshn, if a biuti is walkin in a place that is slippery, how do yu think that the biuti should walk, can the biuti walk very comfortably?  I asked a queshn? That biuti shall walk very carefeoslly. If not so, that biuti shall slip off. Recall that if that biuti should fall, if the garment is clean, what do yu think shall happen? The garment shall be stained! Now I want to use this to teach yu what sin is all about. If it happens that, that biuti wez on self wey to an occashn, what do yu think shall happen to self? The biuti shall definitely return, on account that self cannot wear such stained garment, and stend before men and women biutis in existence, that shall then make the biuti to go behind taim, or even stop goin if the place is far.

That slippery place has disqualified the biuti from goin, not withstendin, all prepareshn and other evolvement to make the movement. Dont yu think that sinfeos stain is dirtier than the mud that stained the garment? Yu should also know that sin shall deny yu My favor. Before yu recall yuaself, to sey, AWA RIDIMA forgive me and all that, that shall be the same as the taim the biuti returned to change that stained garment. If a prize is fixed for those who attend early, yu shall discover that that delay shall make the biuti to lose that prize. Is that true? Now I desire to talk to yu My little biutis, that is how sin stops butis from what they should have enyoyd. What yu need to do before tekin any step, is to watch carefeosly. Yua total concern should be on how to obey Yua OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH and Yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSUA HA MASHIAK. That shall make yu to walk carefeosly! Can yu now behold that sin is a barrier? Sin is a barrier, a hedge, or a demarkeshn! If yu are blocked from goin to the other side, how would yu be able to make it to that place?

Yu all should be carefeos! I don’t have much to sey, do yu think that I AM not beholdin what is happenin here. Now listen, is there any among yu whose comin here is accidental? No AWA RIDIMA! Now listen to Me, yu are here for My werk. I have all it takes to defend and to protect yu! Thenk Yu AWA RIDIMA! Heylel also have self agent around, to make yu take a wrong step.

YahwehMdi! Yu talk too much, I heard yu when yu said that if money had been available, that another weter tank should have bein purchased for Truth Biuti private use, whuch cannot be accessed by the insultin neighbors, around yu, is that what yu said? Yes AWA RIDIMA! YahwehMeka! Yu are also in support for that statement. YahwehMeka is that true? YahwehMeka are yu not in support for that thin YahwehMdi said? My RIDIMA me cannot recall the exact taim! Are yu in pozishn to fight for yuaself? No AWA RIDIMA! Truth Biuti said durin the Humble Demand, AWA RIDIMA me gave them weter and other thins, leht those thins speak ageinst them, do yu know what that means? If those thins are to speak ageinst them, anywhere they go, how do yu think that what they sey ageinst yu shall come to stend. My werd said that yu should give those that hate yu what? Weter to drink! And as yu are givin them, what are yu doin? We are heapin the coal for fire upon their head. How shall yu withdraw the weter I instructed yu to give to them, are yu not disobedient if yu should stop givin them the weter to drink? Though yu might be callin Yua RIDIMA, yet yu do not know yua RIDIMA strength. But think about who made yu first, if there is a RIDIMA, and the Owner YAHWEH-YAHWEH that made yu, then know that there is nothin right, that YUA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH cannot do. What yu are called to do, is to be obedient.

Now I desire to ask yu this queshn, apart from some from My little biutis who contributed money to assist in the werk that is goin on, how mieneh [many] among yu gave out money for that werk? Yet the werk is in progress, do yu knowledgestend what I said? Yes AWA RIDIMA! This is to prove to yu that I have began to give Truth Biuti a buildin, and nothin shall stop it, So Be It! Why I said that Biutis should contribute, is that, Truth Biuti shall pronounce favord werds, to all that assisted to complete the buildin. Do yu ask yuaself a queshn, don’t you know that a biuti who alweyz give somethin to the Papa and Mama, alweyz receives favor from them? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Why? The favor proceeds from the werd spoken out from their Papa or Mama mouth, is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Laughs! Little biutis, on account for taim this brightness, I shall be with yu, So Be It! Truth Biuti I told yu, and I desire to speak it out, when I gave yu YahwehSuccess, I told yu to take care for self welfare. I have come to speak it openly, when they return from dowry payment, they should stay with yu First to Sixth Countin year, that is the period that yu and yua woman in Union should instruct them. I won’t tell yu why, but do what I ask yu to do. By this obedient, I shall take yu to another level. So Be It!

 YahwehDimna YahwehNedum, I desire to ask yu a queshn, it has been a long taim I asked yu a queshn, now hear this queshn and answer Me, if a biuti had told yu that yu shall be in this pozishn now, would yu have agreed with the biuti? It would have been hard My RIDIMA! Are you sure it would have been hard? Yes, it would have been hard based on yua own knowledgestendin. Why it should have been hard is that, yu cannot be here to predict what is happenin at Owerri, can yu do it? It is a biuti that is in Owerri that can tell yu what is happenin there, is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA! That is how it is happenin to mieneh among yu. Yu are seyin within and without that yu are disappointed, or thinkin that yu are not mekin it, but yu are not viewin afar, thenk Yu AWA RIDIMA! I purposed to talk to yu My little woman biuti, if not that I assisted yu, didn`t yua challenges reach a point yu were thinkin about goin to yua Papas house? Yes! AWA RIDIMA me theht about that! Yu theht about that? Now that thins have changed, are yu yet thinkin about that? No My RIDIMA! Alright! Have I failed yu? No AWA RIDIMA! Now tell all the women biutis in existence that, as I have not failed YahwehDimna YahwehNedum Truth Biuti, I shall not fail them, So Be It! Also, tell them that their cry and tears have not reached up to YahwehDimna YahwehNedum own.

YahwehDimna, I desire to talk to yu, when I told yu to abandon all yu had at Amala and go to Ekiti, wez that not a blow to yu? It wez My RIDIMA! Alright! Those thins yu attached much value to then, do thieh have value to yu now? No My RIDIMA! I desire to ask yu a queshn; did yu think yu would have had somethin to give to another biuti? No AWA RIDIMA! No? Can yu recall what Truth Biuti answered yu when yu told Truth Biuti that, if Truth Biuti gives another Biuti instrucshn consernin a matter, if they heed to it, it alweyz werked for them, but self could not instruct own self. Did yu recall what Truth Biuti answered yu? Yes AWA RIDIMA! I desire to hear it from yu, self answered that, this wey self is goin, shall not be regrettable. That if self experiences failure in this wey, then self would know that, it is not AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK that called self! Is that not what self told yu? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Have yu now behold failure? No AWA RIDIMA! But as at that taim, were yu not beholdin failure around Truth Biuti? That wez what surroundid self! Failure wez not surroundin self, but that wez what yu were beholdin.

Now leht Me explain to yu why yu theht that failure surround self then. If a man biuti in existence dizayas to prepare garri out from cassava, does it not occur to yu that self must harvest, peel, grind, press, filter, and fry the cassava to have garri? Do yu behold the processes? If yu grind the cassava and begin to filter and fry it immediately, would it be possible? After it had gonn through all the due processes, then yu shall have a usefeos garri, is that not? That wez exactly what I wez doin that taim, as yu can behold, miit is now available. Yes! Yu can also now behold all the biutis in existens I gev to yu all over. Dont forget that ant, chicken, ewuu [goat], and biutis in existence, shall eat from that garri, right from the taim yu began to prepare it. Can yu now behold that all the thins I brought out from yua famili, is now feedin mieneh [many] men and women biutis in existens? Can yu recall that I told yu that I have given yu a stuul? Can yu recall it? Yes My RIDIMA! Can yu now behold the stuul? Me can behold! The biutis in existens that mocked yu for years, are thieh mockin yu agein? No My RIDIMA! I AM referrin to yu all, if I did not fail self and Truth Biuti, I shall not fail yu. So Be It!

I dizaya to ask yu a queshn, the lack for a buildin in yua home that yu had lamented about, did yu think that it shall be the wey it is by now? YahwehDimna, I AM askin yu a queshn, Yes AWA RIDIMA! Did yu hear what I seid? Why did yu sey yes? I seid the buildin that is goin on in yua ples and in yua famili nem; did yu think that it would come to be as it is by now? No AWA RIDIMA! Alright! How long hav yu been compleinin to Truth Biuti about this or that? It haz been a long taim my RIDIMA! Alright! Do yu know that Truth Biuti listens to hear from Me? Self told me! Alright! Now that I gev My approval to begin the buildin, are yu not beholdin a differens? There is! If Truth Biuti had adhered to what yu were seyin, yu would have been moldin Two Bags cement per countin year, how mieneh years do yu think it would have teken yu to arrive at where yu are now? Do yu behold that Truth Biuti my servin biuti alweyz listens to Me? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Yu all should learn how to walk with Me and to listen to Me, when the Right taim comes nothin shall stop it. So Be It!

 Wisdom, Yes AWA RIDIMA! YahwehMdi! Yes AWA RIDIMA! Some among yu were there on the brightness a man that felt self haz power seid that, from now untial [until] ten years taim, that the biuldin proyect shall not commence. I stoppd that man from comin there; self would be there in self home untial that biuldin is reizd. Ka Odi Otua! Do yu knowledgestend? If that Man had come there, self would have spoken sorm [some] werds, but I stoppd self. I told Truth Biuti to go and biuld the hauws [house], and I hav all it teks to protect Truth Biuti [not that I AM mekin mouth], Ka Odi Otua! I hav all It teks to protect and to fight for yu, So Be It! Do yu knowledgestend Me? My biutis in existens calm down, I shall not fail yu.

NathanYahweh! Leht [let] Me ask yu, announcement had been med about yua yunion, is that not? Can yu tell Me how much yu hav for the yunion? Me dont have much! Yu don’t hav? The money yu seid that yu hav now, can it serve even to pey the transport to and fro the yunion venue? Who is goin to do it? Is Yu AWA RIDIMA! Do yu know how I AM goin to do it? No AWA RIDIMA! Why then are yu plannin for yuaself? Announcement wez med, fine, as I seid that it should be med. Yu were reyoicin, if yu had been askd to do this or that, what would yu have been ebl [able] to do? Do yu behold that it is not wise for yu to plan for yuaself? Yes AWA RIDIMA! On account for the taim, round off yua humbl demand. I shall be with yu, Ka Odi Otua! I shall not fail yu, Ka Odi Otua, YahwehMeka be occupied in this werk, all yu that are occupied in this werk, I shall not fail yu, Ka Odi Otua! Said By I Yua RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. Ka Odi Otua! 

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