This right spoken werd wez given by Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA MASHIAK to di biutis from Awa OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH through YahwehNedum Truth Biuti durin di Passover meetin with Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA MASHIAK, on di abov menshnd date, durindirevrens service. Awa Ridima began to speak so:

Rightcom My Biutis in existens tu My Prezens. I heard a voice that seyzthat we revrens yu! Wat is revrens? Can yu tell Me wat revrens is all about? Are yu givin Me revrens? Yes, Awa Ridima! Yes, yua Ridima!Whu opend mouth and seid Yes Awa Ridima? How are yu givin Me revrens? Di nephesh for sorm among yu is far from Me. Sorm among yu are yuzin My Nem tu do evul and yu seid that yu are givin Me revrens? I have a werd for yu. I com tu correct, I com tu expose, Icom tu mek biutis tu know whom yu are! Before I pruosed, as it wez seid,Yahwehwisdom, when di car that Truth Biuti bought wez parked here, yu saw them with di car, is that not? I med that car tu be here so that I would yuz it tu teach yu biutis in existens here and My other biutis in existenssormthinn. Truth Biuti viewd that car as sormthinn that wez cheap, is that not so? Have yu askd yuaself what made di owner tu sell it? DicarthatTruth Biutihaz been yuzin befor self pochesd this wonn haz not been givin much headache, is that not so? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! But as Truth Biuti bought dis present wonn, it haz been from wonn problem tu anoda, is that true? Have yu behold that it has brought so much distrakshn. Is that not so? That is why as it is written in My right written werd, yu cannot serve first tu second Suprintendent at di same time. Is that true? It is either yu do wat? Yu serve wonn and despise di other. Have yu behold it?

Now, what I Am tryin tu teach yu is that, though truth Biuti hazdi nephesh tu mek it known, is that not?  Self wez beholdindi profit that self would mek out from it, is that true? Self also med it known that self yuzd part from di money that wez sent for own hauws ruufintu buy it. Is that not? I Am not here tu condemn self, I allowd it tu happen, is that not wat I seid? I lov tu yuz it tu teach yu biutis sormthinn. Whatso yu think that yu can do without My consent, is not goin tu werk! So what are yu supposd tu do? Tell Me!

I dizaya not tu menshn nems, but whom I Am speakin tu, knows ownself! My littl young woman biuti in existens UcheYahweh, I dizaya tu ask yu a kweshn! It wez last darkrestness yu returned tu SolushnCenter, Yes, Awa Ridima! Is that? Yes, Awa Ridima!A kweshn tu yu, as yu steppd yua feet into this Solushn Centre, how do yu feel? My Ridima, me felt gladness in My nephesh. Yu felt gladness in yua nephesh? Yes, Awa Ridima! But over theer, yu cannot open yua mouth tu sey di thinns yu viewd within this short period that yu travuld. Is that true?  Yes, Awa Ridima! If yu begin tu tell biutis in existens diinsult, di pains and di agony yu passd through within a short period, yu kannot sey it all!Is that true? Yes, Awa Ridima! Yu passd thruu all dis difficulty without any man or wuman tu console yu. But I dizaya tu speak tu yu, for yu tu have obeyed Me, I have com tu declare tu yu that I shall fight yua battle and give yu trayomf! So be it! What I Am tryin tu sey is dis, luuk around, yu kemhere for My Sem sek, I have whatso it shall tek for Me tu defend yu. So be it! Don’t think about the littl biutis in existens that I gev to yu, I shall tek care abaut dem. Ka Odi Otua! When time coms, yu shall recall My spoken werd. When time coms, yu shall recall My spoken werd.

Laffs, whum do yu think that can play game on Me? Control that littl biuti. I seid that I Am not callin nems. Wez that wat I seid? Yes, Awa Ridima! But if I dizaya tu call nems, I shall call! Yes, Awa Ridima! A young man biuti thatkem from where self kem from, I don’t dizaya tu call nem but I know yu biutis. Yucalled Truth Biuti and self askd yu if yua servinbiuti in Abakiliki, [I now chuz tu menshn nem] is aware for yuavisit tu diSolushnCentre? What wez yua respons? No, My Ridima! Is Truth Biuti aware that yu seid No? No, Awa Ridima!I dizaya tu ask yu akweshn; Truth biuti, evun in this darkrestness, I med yu tu knowledgstend di evul thatishappenin.  Do yu think that dis Solushn Centre yu behold is a free place? Den why do yu set yua house on fire and com down here tu stey? Do yu think………? STOP MEKIN NOIIZ!I med Truth Biuti tu know that yua wuman in yunion is cryin on yua behalf!Yes. Did yu sey Yes? Yu know! Can yu tell My littl biutis di evul yu did befor comin here? Me is sorry My Ridima! I did not ask yu tu sey sorry or not.

I asked yu, Can yu tell My littl biutis di evul yu did befor yua comin here? Me tuk my right wuman in yunion money withaut self noticebefore comin. How much did yu tek from self? Me tuk seventh thousand naira. Wez yua wuman aware? No, Awa Ridima! And where do yu think that yu are comin? It is due tu di problem that me is goin thruu! Listen tu Me: whu brought di problem? It is on account that we do not have littl biutis in existens… Listen tu Me! If not My servin biuti in existens theer, do yu dizaya that I should expose yu morh? Me is sorry Awa Ridima. Do yu dizaya Me tu expose yu morh? Haven’t yu blasphemd Me? Awa Ridima, please show me compasshn…I Am not here for yua compasshn. Yu are a reproach tu yuaself! Listen! Yu did evul! Do yu know where yu steppd yua feet?Do yu know where yu steppd yua feet? I have a kweshn for yu. As yu tuk di money and kem here, did yu call yua wuman in yunion tu inform self? Me have called but nonn tu receive di call. Did yu send text tu self? Self do not know how tu read. Yes, self do not know how tu read? But is theer no other biuti in existens that can read it for self? Listen tu Me! Watch dis environment, behold dis environment, dis environment cannot behold yu and yua inikwiti and hipokrisi.

Littl biutis, Yes, Awa Ridima! Have I spoken tu dis extent befor? No, Awa Ridima! Yu are a murderer! Hmmmm! Yu have killd yua wuman in yunion! I yet dizaya tu ask yu a kweshn: tekinself money tu com here, is it di first time? I asked yu a kweshn! Yu don’t care tu answer Me? Right, it is Truth Biuti that is speakin now. No, Awa Ridima! Is dis di first time yu tuk that woman’s money?  No, is it di second time? No! is it di third time? No!Chai! Littl biutis, if I should ask yu tu pass dis verdict… pass it! Chai! How can a man be robbin self? I don’t dizaya tu go deeper but I yet dizaya tu speak tu yu: di worst yu did wez tu steal money tu com tu Me. And what do yu think that yu are comin here tu do?

Yahwehwisdom, Yes, Awa Ridima! Have I forseken yu? No, Awa Ridima! MikaYahweh! Yes, Awa Ridima! Have I forseken yu? No, Awa Ridima!YahwehNedum! Yes, Awa Ridima! Have I forseken yu? No, Awa Ridima! IfeanyiYahweh! Yes, Awa Ridima! Have I forseken yu? No, Awa Ridima! YahwehNathan, yu mightthink that I wont menshn yua nem but I shall yet menshn it. Have I forseken yu? No, Awa Ridima! Evun when yu are cryin, when it appears tu be that theerwon’t be eniwey but I yet med wey for yu.Yes! This littl biutis in existens here kem tu Me with real nephesh without hurtineni biuti. But yu after hurtin yua woman in yunion, yu are here. I shall give yu dipriviledg on account that I seid that My littl biutis should not travul on when? 1stbrightness

. So, 2nd brightness, carry yua load and return tu yua wuman in yunion. It is not Truth Biuti that seid this. Carry yua akpa *bag* and return tu that wuman and adyust yua weyz. My spoken werds seyzthat if yu are givin what? A gift, and yu recall that anoda biuti have sormthinn against yu, yu should do what? Drop that gift and go and reconcile with di biuti in existens before givin yua gift.

I yet have kweshn tu yu: I don’t dizaya tu go deeper. Awa Ridima, please show me compasshn…Me shall not do it again!Awa Ridima Laffs!Awa Ridima, please show me compasshn. Do yu know that I know yu morh dan eni other biuti in existens? Me is aware for yu are my Ownerthat med me. Listen, I med yu but yu allowd di enemy tu werk on yu. Awa Ridima, please show me compasshn. Me cannot stend to behold yua anger on me. Awa Ridima laffs… Me know why me is askin for compasshn. Me know why. Me know thinns that have happend. I yet dizaya tu ask yu a kweshn! If a biuti kindles faya and di faya begins tu do what? Tu burn! Whoare yu goin tu blem? Yu know what I Am seyin! Don’t yu know wat I Am seyin?Me don’t knowledgstend! Right! I yet dizaya tu sey whu kindls faya and di faya begins tu do what? Burn! Whu are yu goin tu blem? Me is guilty in everywhere. That is not what I askd yu. I sed whum are yu goin tu blem? Myself! I didn’t ask yu that! Did I sey when yu kindl faya? I sed whu kindls faya, and di faya begins tu burn, whu are yu goin tu blem? Di faya kindler!

Truth Biuti, theer wezsormthinnthat happend in a brightness in yua papa’s house: A littl biuti went and carrid what thieh call puppy, is that true? And di dog bite self. Whu is tu be blemd? Di littl biuti in existens! If self didn’tcarry that puppy as thieh call, would that hadhappen? No, Awa Ridima! Watch around now, in this place, yu biutis can behold yuaselvs, is that true?  Can yu tell Me why yu behold yuaselvs? On account thattheer is brightener here! theer is brightener? Yes, Awa Ridima! If this brightener stops, what do yu think would happen? We cannot behold awaselvs. Awa Ridima Laffs…right, I dizaya tu tell yu thatyu are di wonnthat tuuk di brightener! I showd yu compasshn… I do not dizaya tu go deeper about yu! How mieneh times have I shown yu compasshn? Mieneh times!  I dizaya tu inform yu that compasshn haz a time forexpireshn. Hmmm! Now, I shall recall tu yu di spoken werd that I gev tu yu sormtime ago: I told yu thatthooz who blasphemd Me durinNonyerem time and others, thattheer is nothinnthatshall mek dem tu do what?  Tu return! And what does that indicate? Thattheir matas have been clozd! Thieh have reached their expirintime for compasshn.

When I wez speakin concernin a wuman in Lagos, I don’t dizaya tu menshn nem. Theer wez sormthinnthatrekwaierdthat di wuman shouldcom here, Truth Biuti continued tu appeal tu di wuman tu combutself continued tu postpone it to a time di priviledg wez teken awey. I shall giv yu anoda illustreshn concernin a wuman that haz all it teks tu build a house for a man biuti in existens, for self tu have biutis in existens, littl biutis in existens, but di wuman felt that self haz a long time, but wez yuzin di time tu mess self up. By di time di wuman reached what thieh call menopause, di wuman then recalld that self supposd tu build a house for di man. Whu is tu be blemd? Di wuman! Is it di wuman? Yes, Awa Ridima! Wen di pains for that enyoyment begins tu manifest, whu is tu be blemd? Di wuman! What I mean via di pains is di time for self old age when no man or wuman coms tu luuk after self. But at di earlier stedg, di wuman felt that self wez? A wuman!

Do yu knowledgstend wat I Am seyin? Yes, Awa Ridima! I shall speak tu yu conserninsorm wumen, that if yu speak about yunion, thieh shall tell yu thatthieh are not yet machor tu be in a man house. But thieh are machord tu go and commit evul with men. Thieh would be gettin money from doz young men and did think that everythinn is right without knowinthatthiehare killinthemselvs. Theeris a peyment for eni evul donnthru man or wuman. Di worst thinnthisyoung man did wez tu steal di money from self wuman in yunion and pey own wey down here.

Truth Biuti, I shall recall what I showd yu sorm darkrestness ago: I showd yu where a biuti that carrid yu hit anoda and yu weersummond sormwheer, that place wez as a shrine. I showd yu after whuch yu med a humbl demand. Anoda biuti in diQahal, collekted what wez given self from di shrine and drank. Yu were di second biuti, but yu stuud and told them that yu would not drink it!Then, yu yuzd My Nem and that ples wez destroyd. Yu declard that all among them should be paralyzd and thiehwere paralyzd. Yu stuud and did humbl demand thatMy Blood should nullify and cancel di substensthatthat biuti drank, and self wez recoverd.

Theer wez anoda biuti in existens that yu weerhumbli demandin for, but thiehtold yu thatthis biuti in existens does not assept yuafeith and for that rizin, thiehhave teken self as a sacrifice and yu kem out. I shall not grade this vishn as what? As right! But I showd yu that: Laffs… Now, why shouldthiehrefiusz tu releasethat particular biuti in existens yu med a humbl demand that self should return tu yu and be in existens? It is a mystery!

Truth Biuti, I shall explain it tu yu but not here. Yu ponderd over it and thought about it but what gev yu gladness wez that yu subdued them and kem out with evun di biuti in existens that assepted. Now, I have compashn but shall explain a littl about it. Dibiuti in existens that drank that substens, drank it under forsand not self dizaya. But it wez due tu what? Fear! Bein a coward! But what meks yu tu prevail is di boldness yu have in Me. What about di other whum thiehseid is not among yu? And Truth Biuti, when thiehseid so, yu didn’t sey enithinn again!

Yu might think that yu are here, but yu are not here. I dizaya tu ask yu a kweshn! Di thinns I seid that yu should not eat, are yu eatin them? This is My Qahal! Answer Me! Awa Ridima, please, please… Answer Me!! Are yu eatin them? Me keep sorm on account that……That is not wat I asked yu? Did I ask,if yu keep sorm? Thinns I seid that yu should not eat! Me is not eatin them.This is My Qahal! Did I com here so that Me and yu would talk?Are yu tellin Me that all I seid that yu should not eat, yu are keepin dem? No. Hmm! Then why did yu sey yu keep them? Littl Biutis, Yes, Awa Ridima!That is tu sey that I Am a liar?No! no!! yu are not a liar, please show compasshn! That is tu sey that I don’t know yu! Do yu dizaya that I expose yu morh? Awa Ridima, please show compasshn! Yu cannot lie! Yu cannot chendg! Yahwehwisdom! Yes, Awa Ridima! Yu know when I Am speakin, whatso I dizaya tu sey, I shall sey it! Evun thooz yu think that no biuti knows about, I told yu that if I chuz tu keep yua own case, I would keep it butit doesn’t mean that I don’t know what yu are doin.

Laffs… Now, do yu know as I Am speakin, sorm are afraid, thinkin,ah! Won’t Awa Ridima expose me? No! I askd kweshn? It is possibl. Listen… don’t I know yu? Yes, Awa Ridima! Evun if I don’t expose yu now, yu are already exposed! Why are yu exposed? I told yu thatdi thinns that yu are doin, I told yu that evun as I Am speakin now, all My spoken werds is what? Written! So whatso yu are doin, is appearin before Me. Evun as I Am speakin now, I Am also givin verdict tu di biutis whu have passed on! Do yu know how mieneh thousands biutis in existens that are yet on di queue and I Am in the sem time speakin to yu now? No Awa Ridima, do yu know who is speakin tu yu? It is Truth Biuti that is speakin? No, Awa Ridima! Now listen tu Me. Sorm among yu have messed up My Nem! Awa Ridima paused… Sorm among yu, do not kiip yua werds! Awa Ridima paused again…

 I have a kweshn tu ask! enitime I ask kweshn, yu should knowledgstend that di kweshn is quite different from di kweshnthatcoms from man. Blood that is inside yu is a hidden thinn, is that not true? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! Now, but no mata how di blood is hidden; a brightness shall com when it shall be exposed. Laffs… is that not true? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! Now, can yu tell Me what shall mek di blood tu be exposed?Inyuri! And yu should recall thatdiinyuri shall tek yu unaware? Is that not true? Laffs! Di blood that yu cannot ordinarily behold with yua eyes, yu behold it comin out, it is a mystery! Did yu hear what I seid? Yes, Awa Ridima! I seid what? It is a mystery! Now if I should ask yu bezd on what thieh taught yu in di school, did thieh not tell yu that blood have where it yuzd tu flow? Yes, Awa Ridima! Did thieh not tell yu so? Yes, thieh did! Now if di blood haz where it yuzd tu flow, why is it thateniwheehsormthinn happens tu yu, blood must com out? Hmmm… Laffs… Have yu askd yuaself that kweshn? Yu were told in yua schools thattheer are arteries wheeh blood yuzd tu flow, then why should it be thateniwheehsormthinn happens tu yu, blood must com out? Have yu askd yuaself that kweshn?

Listen tu Me! What I med, cannot be lekchord thru man! Should I repeat Myself? What I med with Myself cannot be lekchord thrueni man? Can yu lekchor what yu don’t know? No, Awa Ridima! Pause!Listen, littl biutis, theer is no how, eeh? No mata how yu think that yu know sormthinn, yu don’t evun know yuaself. I have told yu sormtime ago, that what I med cannot be known thru nem! Did yu knowledgstend Me? Yes, Awa Ridima! It cannot be counted thru nem. Right, I have a kweshn for yu: how mieneh arteries do yu have in yua flesh? We don’t know… Ah, ah! Are sorm among yu not graduates? Eeh? Yu own yuaself now and this flesh belongs tu yu. Is that not true? It is not eh! Noo! It belongs tu yu! Can yu tell Me how mieneh arteries yu have in yua flesh? I have a kweshn for yu? How mieneh windows are in this SolushnCentre? It is 1st to 11th windows. Yu have counted it now? Yes, Awa Ridima! Now, count di wonns that is in yu! Yu cannot count it? But yu own yuaselfs! No, Awa Ridima!Evun when I Am speakin, yu felt that yu have….Pause! Now, it is quite unfortunate thatthieh have remuvd yua real knowledgstendin and put di deceit in yu…. I dizaya tu ask yu biutis a kweshn. This head yu have, Eeh? Now,can yu tell Me why yua hair wez curlin when yu weer littl? Is that not true? But as yu are growin, di curls would be doin what? Streightenin! Then what happened? Now, as yu are growin, yua flesh color now begins tu chendg tu anoda color. Eeh? Yes! Then, how possibl?But it is quite unfortunate that yu don’t appreshiet My werk!

Yu felt that whatso that is in yu is yuas! Theer is sormthinn I dizaya tu sey. YahwehDinma TruthBiuti, Yes, Awa Ridima! I dizaya tu ask yu a kweshn. When Truth Biuti wez comin, what wez self complain? Truth Biuti wez lamentin about headache, is that not true? Yes, Awa Ridima! But I dizaya tu ask kweshn. Now, upon Truth Biutilamenteshn for headache, I yet kemtu speak thruu self and shautin anddiheadache is no morh in self. If it weer Truth Biuti strength, do yu think thatself voicecould have gonnthis high? No, Awa Ridima! Truth Biuti wez comin from self papa house without drinkin weter, even a cup, rushin down here and wez sormhow weak as thieh call but yet as I Am in self stendin and speakin, strength is in self now. Atdi time I would finish with Truth Biuti, di real Truth Biuti would now manifest. As I Am talkin thru self now, self can stend as long as I dizaya and di strength would yet betheer. Evrithinn is theer but atdi time thatI shall stop speakin, yu would know thatsormthinn has gonn aut.

Now, have yu considerd how I Am inside a littl biuti Truth Biuti speakin and yu are hearin di voice. Di voice that yu are hearin is anoda voice and whu is speakin, is anoda. Now as I Am speakin, I Am speakin in My own Authority, in My own Nem and in My own Power but inside anoda. Are yu not beholdin dimysterishere? Yes, Awa Ridima, we behold! Right! Try tu brieinqthat car inside here. It is not possibl! Is it not possibl?  But if I should ask… Right!That is tu seythatthatvehicle cannot enter here?Could that meanthat Truth biuti is bigger than Me? No, Awa Ridima! Eeh? Did yu sey no? Now what meks Me tu enter inside Truth Biuti? Itis a mystery! Hmmmm! If yu choose tu serve Me, serve Me don’t deceive yuaself. I dizaya tu tell yu that yu are not desivin Me but yu are desivin yuaself! Did yu hear Me? Yes, Awa Ridima!

Now, I told yu that if I didn’t fail Truth Biuti, I shall not fail yu! How mieneh times have I told yu this? Several times! How do yu think that yu shall be disappointed? Right! Truth biuti wez appreshietin Me, is it true? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! Now, di man whu brought all di requirements for wirin Truth Biuti hauws,wez it Truth Biuti thatbegged self for thooz materials? I askd a kweshn? No, Awa Ridima! Did Truth Biuti beg self? No, Awa Ridima! Now, whu went and meddi man tu do this? Is yu Awa Ridima! Listen!  I have reveald My Nem tu yu, is it true? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! Listen! I dizaya tu tell yu thatwhatso heylel intends tu do, I have exposed self! So be it! I have shemd heylel! Ka Odi Otua! This is di time I have com tu tek what belongs tu Me. Ka Odi Otua! If yu mek yuaself avalebl that yu belong tu ME, I shall tek yu, ka Odi Otua! But yu might ansa Yahweh this or Yahweh that without walkin withdi Yahweh, I Am not with yu!  For yu tu be with Me, or for Me tu be with yu is not in bein fisicalli Yahweh this or Yahweh that. It is when I have proven it. Yu can ansa it and I disappruv it. It doesn’t werk! It doesn’t werk!

Awa Ridima givs a revrens:

Awa Sevior compasshn, in my existence

Awa Sevior compasshn, in my existence

Awa Sevior compasshn, in my existence,

It is so…!

If I should ask yu, are yu beholdin My compasshn?Not tu menshn,so be it!Sorm among yu, My compasshn is far from yu. But yu might open yua mouth and sey that My compasshn is upon yu. But what meks My compasshn tu be far from yu is what? It is evul, it is disobedience, it is sin. Sorm among yu, after doin evul, yua mouth shall be sweetin yu. Yua Ridima! Yua Ridima! Whu is yua Ridima? Laffs… This year is di year for what? Freedom from bondedg and slevri! But do yu know that it is not mieneh that shall be free? No! Here, I shall tell yu evrithinn. Theer are sormthat shall yet be under slevri and bondedg. Did I call yu tu desiv yu? No, Awa Ridima! Theer are sorm among yu, this year is di year… How do yu assept that freedom?

I wez askin about what givs a biuti abiliti tu stend,What is it? It is bonn!IfeanyiYahweh! Yes, Awa Ridima! Yua bonn haz med yu tu skwot and tu bend down Eeh? Awa Ridima, me did not know what me ansad. Right! Yu don’t know? But, have yu known what yu are speakin now? Awa Ridima, yua werd seyzthat evrithinn that Yu krieted is a mystery. No, have yu known what yu are speakin now? No, Awa Ridima! Right, yu don’t know? Yu ansad right! Why yu ansad right is that a littl biuti thatdizayas tu talk, in self nephesh, self thinks that what self is speakin is di right werd without knowin thatit is wrong! But is theerenithinnthat is donnthru man that can stend without pillar? No! Eeh? No, Awa Ridima! Now, can yu reiz yua hand? What do yu yuz tu hold it? Eeh? What do yu yuz tu hold it? Nothinn. Ahah? Is theer nothinnthat yu yuzd tu hold it? Yes, Awa Ridima, nothinn! Now brieinq it down. What do yu yuz tu brieinq it down? Eeh?  Right, it is bonn! It is bone! Theer are sorm thinns yu would not knowledgstend! Littl biutis! Yes, Awa Ridima!

Awa Ridima givs a revrens:

Mgbe ina eche na ina eguzo, lezie anya, lezie anya ka ighara ida,

lezie anya.

When yu are thinkin yu are stendin, watch rightli

Watch rightli so yu shall not fall, watch rightli

Yahwehwisdom, Yes, Awa Ridima! Yu have been in this Solushn Centre for long countin years now? Yes, Awa Ridima! Now, can yu tell Me how mieneh footsteps from wheeh yu are tu yua rum? Hmm, me cannot count eh! Ah ah! How mieneh steps from here tu yua rum? Yua rum is sormwheehtheer, me cannot count it Awa Ridima! Yu cannot? Yu cannot? Wheeh yu have been goin thruu alweyz? Me cannot count it! YahwehNedum, Yes, Awa Ridima! Yu are a man that alweyz go tu di equipment side, is it true? Yes, Awa Ridima, it is! From di ples yu are now, how mieneh steps do yu alweyz tek tu reach theer? Me have not evun tried it…. Right! Try tu know, it is an assignment. Eeh? It is not possibl?  Is it yu that should sey thatit is not possibl? Yahwehnedum haz not… self haz not… Awa Ridima, it is impossibl! Impossibl? Right. Mek it tu be possibl! Is it not yua leg?

Now, why it would not be possibl is that wheeh yu stend and med a muv, fromdi time yu are returnin, it shall not giv yu di sem thinn. Did yu hear what I seid? Yes, Awa Ridima! Now, what med di step tu chendg? Eeeh? Laffs… Littl biutis, I shall stop at dis point! What is dis darkrestness all about? “Passover”! Sorm among yu kem here with pains, sorm among yu kem here as…. Whu du yu com tu behold? It is yu Awa Ridima! I dizaya tu ask a kweshn: if yu have a case, but is it wrong for a man tu have a case? It is not wrong actually! It is not wrong? Yahwehwisdom, yu sey it is not wrong? It is not wrong! Right! If I tell yu that yu have a case now, Would yu be glad? No, Awa Ridima!No! Yu sey it is not wrong. If I giv chans for yu tu have a case wheehwith yu would be teken tu court… No, Awa Ridima, forgive me! No, it is not wrong! No, no, it is not right! It is not right! Right, then it is not right tu have a case?

Now, can yu tell Me why it is not right tu have a case? On account that case, must tek sormthinn from dibiuti in existens! What is it goin tu tek? Time!ehe, energy!ehe, and evun money! Evun money? Thats all about it? How would yu know My power, without havin a case? We are tuu small, Awa Ridima! No, littl biutis, Yes, Awa Ridima! Yes, I told yu that yu should ask Me tu show yu compasshnthat yu might not appear in My verdict seit, theer is no howeni biuti can eskep if self appears in My verdict. I also told yu that I have a thousand and a million kweshns tu each statementeni biuti could mek. And theer is no how yu would defend yuaself before Me. So, Yahwehwisdom, yu ansad this wey thinkin that yu would ansa right, yes yu are a littl biuti.

Yahwehwisdom, Yes, Awa Ridima! I dizaya tu talk tu yu! Di time yu kem tu this muvment, yu weer drivin a car. Yes, Awa Ridima! Did that vehicle permit yu tu do My werk di wey yu suppozd to do? No, Awa Ridima! That man whu tuk di vehicle awey from yu, Eeh? Yes, self did evul tu yu? As at that time it wez evul:But now, what did yu behold? Me have time now for yua werk! Yu have time? Yes! I dizaya tu speak a werd tu yu: that same vehicle thieh tuk awey from yu, if I should seythat I Am returnin it tu yu, it would be an understetment! I have brought it back tu yu! So be it! I repeat Myself, Listen! Yu know that I don’t have covert, Yes, Awa Ridima! Yu can kip yua hidden thinnswithin yuaself, yu can cover it within yuaself but eni brightness or darkrestness I recall tu expose yu, I shall expose yu! That is what med Me tu mek that sem vehicle tu be avalebl! [Yahwehwisdom screams aut in gladness]: AWA RIDIMA, ME APPRESHIET YU! I have told Truth Biuti, whatso, yu lose for My nem sake…Yahwehwisdom, from this moment I Am talkin with yu, mek arrangement how that vehicle would be in order! Ka Odi Otua!  From this moment, Yahwehwisdom, this is My Qahal, I have med yu tu be a car owner! Ka Odi Otua! Yahwehwisdom, I yet dizaya tu talk tu yu: Is that car not di sem color with the wonn thieh tuuk awey from yu? What med it tu be di sem color? What yu shall do is tu go and carridi tayas that are in Truth Biuti house!

I have a kweshn tu yu biutis: do yu know di time, di brightness or darkrestness that I shall favor yu? No, Awa Ridima! Yahwehwisdom, yu forsuukmieneh thinns when this biuldin wez goin on and yu carrid it on yua head as if it is yua biutinal biuldin whuch med sormbiutis tu behold yu as an enemi. Laffs… Yahwehwisdom, Yes, Awa Ridima! Yua wuman in yunion regretted comin here accordin tu self werd, Awa Ridima, please show compasshn!

I shall favor My biutis in existens, Ka Odi Otua! But giv yuaself tu My werk. How it shall be donn, yu don’t know, when it shall be, yu don’t know! If I should ask kweshn tu yu littl biutis, is theereni among yu that is thinkin that from now up to a year thatYahwehwisdom shall have such thinn? Nooo! Now that is how yu don’t know how yua own would com! Laffs.. Littl biutis, on account for time, I shall stop at this point. My favor shall be with yu! Ka Odi Otua! Onli if yu can obey Me, seyzYua Ridima Yahweh saves Anointed!

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