This right spoken werd wez given by Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK to the beauties from Awa OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH, during the beauties pass over meeting with Awa RIDIMA YAWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, on the above mentioned date. During the reverence service, Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak thus:

Welcome little beauties, thank you Awa RIDIMA. Wel, I heard a voice that said “you are serving a miraculous OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH”. Is that true? Yes Awa RIDIMA! If I should ask a question, what gave you conviction, what made you to know as you answered yes, you know? Some among you are facing many challenges and has not been cured, and then what gave you conviction, if I should ask you. Is it not pretence? “Yes”, as you know, is a werd that goes with assurance, but some among you are shaking. Wel, I have werds for My own beauties. Thank you Awa RIDIMA! Tonight is what? The last night in the 11th counting year in the third year. By this time nest counting where will you be? Solution center! Do you expect solution? Yes Awa RIDIMA. Who gave that place a name? Is you Awa RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK! Are you sure? Yes Awa RIDIMA. Now Truth Beauty, I have to speak to you and I have told you, and I want to speak it to My beauties hearing, do whatso yu can to be sure that there wil be packaged water in the Passover. Can you recall the name? Healing water! Is healing water! It will be written healing water and yu shall proclaim it that way and I will use it to flush out infirmities. So be it! Some among you have tried to make an effort to ensure that the water comes out; but it wez not the right time. Now is the right time. So be it.

Right, Truth Beauty, I told you that My purpose for instructing you to make sure that the solution center building is completed is that, you wil use it as a contact point to tell Me that, in as much as solution center is completed, make everything in My existence to be completed. So be it! Right, Truth Beauty, I heard when you were speaking about the name evangelist, can you recall when you were calling YahwehMiracle an evangelist? Is it not the name you usually called self before? Right, you called that name based on their charm and spell that were controlling you. Do you know that any man or woman that is under a charming influence wil not be able to knowledgestend what self is doing? Yes Awa RIDIMA. That is to say they have eyes they cannot view. Do you know that a man that is under a spell would do nothing even if another man takes the woman in union away? Yes Awa RIDIMA! Do yu know that if another man should call the mans’ attention to what is going on, that self might even tell the beauty to leave self right woman in union alone. Why? On the account that the man is under a spell.

Right, these names and titles I told you about some time ago, were giving by English and are not from Me. They were names that were instituted by spell that made beauties not to knowledgestend anything. I have come as the earth owner to expose the evil that wez done by English. If I should ask you another question, right from the time you are…. Cyprian, YahwehCyprian! Yes Awa RIDIMA. Haven’t you answered a minister? Me have answered! Haven’t you been in a meeting or in a ministers forum? Me have been. Haven’t you been proud for that name? Me have being! But despite all yua studies, you didn’t have knowledgestending that there is evil in that mini? The knowledgestending wez not there as at that time. You did not know that Star wez attached to it. Me didn’t even know that Star wez dangerous. Alright! That wez the influence from the spell. When they were calling you Pastor CY; Sea and Man? It is not me! Why is it not you? Were you not a Sea Man? No! Me is no longer there!  But you answered it with Pride and Arrogance. I know you. Did you not Past… Pastor. So what I have come to let you now is that I have come to remove spell from yu,  My beauties. But the Beauties in existence told you that you are not steady. Today you say a thing and tomorrow you wil change to another. Right! That is their verdict!  Let me ask you a question. If you are a man who travels to a country or you have a visitor that does not know yua own language as they call, what will you do? You wil do anything yu can in order to talk with that beauty. You must then adopt the tongue that the beauty wil knowledgestend. Are you getting it? I came to yu and have to speak to you in these evil werds that you knew before now. Is that why they are passing verdict on me? What have I done to deserve condemnation? They have mouth to speak, but there wil be a  Brightness “day” that their mouth wil not save them. Right, I said that until I finish My Right written Werd, then we wil proceed to another thing. I have given you werds! I have given yu my authority. I say to yu that I have given yu my Werd. So be it. Enyewom gi okwu Nkem! Ezi ntuala, nke no na okwu nkem na-ekwu. Oburuna-iyuya [ijuya], Agam anapu gi ya, nye ndi ozoo. Gbaa mboo ka-ime ka okwu Nkem, puta ihe. Oga eru na mba niile di iche iche. Ka odi otua. Na Obodo niile di iche iche. Ka odi otua. Oburu na imeghi ihe m gwara gi ka-ime, Agwam gi nke bu ezi okwu na anyasi nkea, ikikere na ebube di na okwu nkem.

Wel, I return to carry yu along. Thank yu AWA RIDIMA. I have told Truth Beauty about the name “children”! I called yu my children based on what yu know. Do you not behold that there is a werd “child” in that name? I ask yu!  We behold it! Is there anything fine in that name? Right, I AM not here to deceive yu! I AM not here to put yu into confusion. But I AM here to direct yu on the right path. Do yu knowledgestend me, Yes AWA RIDIMA. Right, I want to declare to yu that as many as have spoken evil against me, it is not yu that they are speaking to! Some among them will trace their way to me. Do yu knowledgestend me? These resting hours [night] is a special period. So be it. What made it to be Special? You have come to speak to yua Beauties. That is not the point. It is special on the account that I release something these resting hours [tonight]. Thank yu, AWA RIDIMA, Thank yu! But yu cannot behold it. Heylel tried to make sure that some among yu find yuaselves here behind time, in order to accuse yu. But I have forgiven yu. Thank yu AWA RIDIMA. There is no condemnation to yu! Right, how do yu behold a little beauty, there is a time that that beauty will not be able to speak before grown up beauties. Yes AWA RIDIMA. If that beauty opened self mouth to talk, the beauty wil be told to close self mouth. Who gave self mouth to talk? But time shall come when a little beauty wil grow, and have the boldness to speak, even to the elders. Who did that? It is yu. But remember that there wez a time that the beauty wez told to close self mouth. Listen, they were trying to close yua mouth! But time has reached, when no man or woman beauty in existence can stop yu from speaking. So be it! AWA RIDIMA Thank you. Right, YahwehCyprian let me ask yu a question. Truth Child wez talking to yu last resting hours “night”. Did yu behold the boldness Truth Child talked to yu? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Tell me, is there any other beauty here that can talk to yu in that manner? Alright, wez Truth Child insulting yu? No. Did yu say no? Yes AWA RIDIMA, Truth Beauty is my “Master”. What? Yua Master? Don’t try it! But what I AM trying to tell yu is that when My werk and My power will be made manifest on the earth, a little beauty [Child] among yu will have the boldness to correct them. Truth Generation Yahweh Movement wez a little beauty [Child] some years ago. When they came up, the beauties that felt that they were elders tried to counter them or to Silence them. But now, Truth Generation Yahweh Movement has grown above them. So be it! And wil tell them to sit down and listen and turn away from their evil activities. How do yu think about this? I want to ask yu Little Beauties a question; If this name, they Respected so much, they admired so much, they cherished so much[as they say is proven to be evil], what shall be their fate?

I told yu Truth Child, have I called that child again? Then I made a mistake? [No Awa Ridima]. Right, what I AM trying to let yu know is that I told Truth Beauty that this wez the evil that wez done, and the bible is the present Babylon. The Babylonian kingdom is the modern Bible in these generashen, and that is to say that the bible wez done in idolatry, curse and evil.

Do all the learned beauties know this? No. Why they don’t know is that, they did not know the period the evil wez done. Can yu narrate the history in an issue yu don’t know? No. But I know that the Bible is the modern Babylon. Can yu give honor unto Me. Now if the bible is the modern Babylon, then Babylon is a “mother” for whom? Harlots! What do yu think that that book can do?

Now I have all the facts to prove to yu that the bible is the “mother” for harlots. Are the Pastors far from harlotry? Choirmasters, are they far from harlotry? How many among them have been separated from fonicashen? All the bible lovers………

If the bible wez done in My name, what would have made the Camp for darkness to have it as their study material? Are yu aware that they don’t read anything more than the bible? Yes. If it is in My name, and My name is a strong weapon against them, how would they be reading it in their Camp. I want to ask yu a queshen, that “Jesus” that wez written in the bible, does it mean that they do not pronounce it as they read it? I asked a queshen! They pronounce it! I want to inform yu that there is power in My name, I said in My name YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK, and that if the jesus they are defending is my real name, they couldn’t have been able to lay their hands on that Bible. Let Me ask yu another queshen, by the way, is there any brightness[day] that an ant wil be able to relax on the fire? I asked a queshen. [No Awa Ridima]. If an ant relaxes on the fire, is it fire again? [No Awa Ridima]

If My name had been jesus, and the occultic camp could freely use it, that would mean that they are depending on Me or that the power in My name cannot harm them. That is what made me to ask yu this queshen, about an ant relaxing on the fire without being consumed. [Awa Ridima there wez something that Ogbanje says that the name Jesus cannot harm them in their camp]. Don’t worry about what yu saw. But I think I have given yu a weapon? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Little beauties, let Me ask yu again, can yu spray a strong insecticide where there are ants and the ants wil have the power to continue parading themselves? [No Awa Ridima]. The survivors’ wil fly away and wil not come near that place again. If the bible is My book, I think it should have being chasing away the demons but rather, they are freely using the book in their camp.  Again, if an ant should fly to where there is fire and plays inside the fire and nothing happened, don’t yu think that something is wrong? Yes Awa Ridima!

Little beauties I want to ask yu another queshen, how possible do yu think it wil be for a beauty to spark matches and drop it near fuel and the fuel wil not catch fire? If it should happen, that means something is wrong. If the bible they wrote is My werd, how could it be possible for them to use it? If that is the fearfiled book, they wouldn’t have being able to go near it. I have more things to speak to yu. If an ant should survive in the insecticide, that means the insecticide have been diluted to a meaningless level. That wez how they diluted the bible and made it to become a modern Babylon. Now, is it True Beauty that is speaking? No! Are yu sure? Yes Awa Ridima!

Right, how are yu preparing for this Passover? I want to declare to yu that this Passover wil be the best among the Passover yu have experienced. So be it! Now I wil give yu something in this Passover [So be it]. The first Passover that took place wez at Onitsha, is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA! the second wez where [Amala] and the third will be where? [Solushen center]. But let Me ask yu a queshen, beginning from Truth Beauty to all, is there any beauty that knew that this Passover wil be at the Solushen center? No! But I did it.

Right, any arrangement without Me is nonsense! I AM laughing, listen Truth Beauty, I told yu about the name they established as Pulpit. Heylel gave them that assignment! Why do beauties do their sacrifice as the call, in a place they call pulpit? It is their agreement [covenant] with Heylel, where they wil send men to stend and pull beauties to the pit. Can yu now have the knowledgestending about those first to second werds Pul- Pit? Who owns that pit? Heylel! Falling into a pit is not a comfortable place for any man or woman beauty in existence. If a beauty mistakenly falls into a pit, the beauty in existence wil be automatically inyured [injured]. The fall could lead to hunger and suffering if there is no any beauty in existence that comes early to rescue self. The beauty in existence could be there under hunger and suffering and if the beauty is not able to come out, it might result unto death.

Who now instituted this name Pul- Pit? It is Heylel! This is a command from Heylel; that werd is a command “Pul-Pit”, Pul them to where? Heylel pit! Whom did Heylel gave that assignment? Pastors!

 I AM speaking all these werds to yu and wants yu to replace Pul-pit with Stend. I showed My little beauties the evil that wez done. Those beauties here that went to school as yu say, what is alter? [Change, amend, vary, modify, nullify] that is the platform where Heylel gave them the power to stend and nullify My werd; what are they nullifying? Its yu! It is My werd! It is My name! Apart from this place, there is no other place all over the earth, where yu can hear this mystery; I want to declare to yu that yu wil hear real mysteries.

I called Truth Beauty, I chose Truth Beauty, to use Truth Beauty to bring out mysteries. YahwehCyprian, from the time yu have been speaking altar [Alter], haven’t yu asked yuaself the meaning for the werd “Altar”, [Me have not thought about that Awa Ridima] but have yu asked Me why I AM revealing all this things at this time? I AM revealing these things to yu now, so that this evil will not be found in My Qahal [So be it]. I told yu that My own Qahal has not yet began.

Little beauties, if dirty water and clean water is mixed together, then something is wrong. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Note, if they should mix together, automatically the dirty water wil pollute the clean water. There is no any brightness [day] clean water wil purify dirty water when put together, is that true? Yes Awa Ridima. What brought such? The clean water cannot purify the dirty water. Right, that is to inform yu that there is disagreement between evil and right things; they don’t agree. Truth Generashen Yahweh Movement cannot agree with the existing evil. Now behold this environment, if the generator as they call stops werking, what wil happen? [The brightener wil stop] but now what is happening? There is brightness! Brightener dispels darkness. The brightener is My werd.

Right, in the beginning what yu had wez Mess-Age, yu were saying Yua Ridima Message. I told yu that some werds yu were speaking wez insult to Me but I didn’t count it against yu. That is to say that I AM messing the age [mess-age] the age that is messed. [No Awa Ridima] No! Based on what yu said and the knowledgestending yu had, but can yu say it now? [No Awa Ridima].Even if yu should mistakenly say it, yu wil correct it immediately [Yes Awa Ridima! Is that not deliverance? I t is deliverance!

Now why should it be a mess-age? By the way what is mess?[Corrupt, disorder, defilement], That is to say that yu are in a defiled Era, is that not true? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Now if it is a mess-age, how can a beauty in existence be clean from that mess? But if I should ask a queshen, all these My spoken werds are they true? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Are yu sure? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Now let Me ask yu another queshen, wil yu be able to say mess-age now and be comfortable? [No Awa Ridima]. Yu said No? If yu wil not be comfortable in saying message now , that is an indicashen for yua deliverance now.

I said that I wil use this movement to do what? To reveal all secrets! I said that Heylel entered into internet to corrupt the entire world and I wil also use the internet to do what? [To correct beauties in existence].

Truth Beauty, this is what is to be done immediately, get into radio program, what so wil be the price I wil pay. So be it! Don’t be afraid about this Passover, what so it wil take, I wil provide. So be it! I wil announce yu, when yu are going to do what they call radio “jingle.”Inform them in that “jingle” that I have raised a man beauty in existence that I sent in this generashen, and I have shown self mysteries; the evil that wez done by English that made them to be slaves, and that I AM calling them to come and receive their deliverance. So be it!

Inform them also that this is the time I wil return their dominion. So be it!  Inform them to come and hear My werd that wil set them free. Inform them that I AM inviting them; it is not man beauty in existence that is inviting them. Do yu knowledgestend? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Now let me ask yu a queshen, if yua neighbor is competing with a man, wil yu know yua neighbors ability at the beginning? No Awa Ridima! Inform the churches, General overseers as they call themselves, that they should prepare and fight Me. I want to declare to yu that soon they wil be ashamed for themselves for those evil names, for those proud names, for those defiled names, for those idolatrous names that wez given to them by Heylel through the bible. But I want to inform yu that Heylel [Satan] and self agent are too small to challenge Me. So be it! Did yu knowledgestend? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Right, yu wil also knowledgestend who is speaking to yu. So be it!

But I wil not forget to give yu a mystery, listen very clear, Truth Beauty, I have told yu this; but yu have being keeping it and have being thinking about it. I want to declare it to yu, hear very clear from Yua Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK; the werd that wez giving to yu that some beauties will be RAPTURED, is a decepshen. They did that for beauties in existence to accept that evil so quickly. Listen very clear, Truth Beauty, when I wez talking to yu, I raised many points: when I destroyed disobedient people during the time for NoakYahweh [Noah], after the destrukshen, I preserved some beauties whom I wil use to procreate other generashens.

Give me yua attenshen, the truth remains that the very last brightness or resting hour yu breath last, that wil be the last brightness and resting hour to face the verdict. Did yu hear what I said? Yes AWA RIDIMA! Yu have to prepare on the account that yu do not know the brightness or the resting hour the death will come. Truth Beauty, I showed yu many verdict I wez passing on beauties who had departed from this earth to face their verdict, is that true? Yes AWA RIDIMA!

I showed the verdict point to all the beauties I made to have encounter with Me. They have returned to where they came from in other to give a final report. I want to ask yu a queshen, how possible is it for a man, who has not completed self business to give account for the business self has not completed? Is it possible? [No Awa Ridima]. Listen, I AM here to inform yu, why they put Rapture is to establish fear in yu, and for yu to accept their decepshen, that in the next brightness or resting hour, the rapture wil take place. Listen to Me very clear; all My disciples that have died are in MY DWELING PLACE. Right from YahwehAdam to all the beauties in existence I used, died and went into MY DWELING PLACE. Did yu know that there wez a time, I saw that Yahwehmoshe would not be able to make it into My Dweling Place at the end, and I took self. Again, the story they told yu that yu wil fly; is a lie! What did I say [the story they told we that we wil fly, is a lie!

Listen, the verdict throne had already been in existence right from time. Verdict is always taking place in all brightness and resting hours. Even as I AM talking with yu now, verdict is taking place. I had told yu that all these spoken werds I AM giving to yu are also for another generashen, have I said that to yu? Yes Awa Ridima! It wil reach another generashen. Little beauties, tell Me now, what generashen wil remain if rapture or fly away should take place.  There are much decepshen; but hear My werd, if I did not inform yu, who would have told yu? Recall what I told yu this resting hours, I did not inform yu that there is no torment place; hear me very clear ,I said that Verdict is going on in all brightness and resting hours.

Whatso yu are doing is in a record, did yu hear what I said? On that brightness, yua record will appear, what brightness will it appear? The brightness yu leave this earth. If I should ask yu a queshen, what made My disciples not to die at the same brightness? When Sodom and Amorrah [Gomorrah] wez marked for destrukshen, can yu recall what wez said to Me then? If yu can behold what? First to tenth righteous beauties in existence, wil yu destroy that place? Is that true? [Yes Awa Ridima].Does that mean that if first to tenth righteous beauties were found that they would have being raptured or flew away from destrukshen? How I wil destroy the evil, yu don’t know, are yu getting it?

Right, from the beginning there wez nothing as


dearth. Yu were delivered into this earth in defilement. This flesh Yu are carrying is defiled and cannot take yu to the right place. Again, this flesh must decay but the nefesh wil continue. On the brightness or resting hour yu depart from here, yua nefesh wil now go and give an account.  The nefesh wil no longer remain in this defiled flesh. The fearfil thing is that yu don’t know the brightness or resting hour it will happen, take note! What did I say? Take note! Yu don’t know the brightness or resting hour it wil happen, so that yu wil not cry had me known.

Awa Ridima, please me have a queshen to ask, go ahead. Awa Ridima there is a story that follows what they call rapture, they said that after the elect is raptured, that the anti Yahwehshua they call anti-Christ wil come, and torment evil people and suffer them, if rapture is not true, what about another story…….. Let Me ask yu, what is rapture? Have yu checked the meaning for the werd “Rapture”? Do yu know that the meaning for RAPTURE is a decepshen from RIGHT CHOICE? Rapture wez a subtlety from right choice, did yu hear what I said? Yes Awa Ridima. RIGHT choice are the beauties, My own beauties are the right choice. I welcome My beauties, in other werds, the beauties I welcome are the Right choice. Where wil yu be welcomed? In My Dweling place, but yu must finish the werk before yu could be given a befitting welcome. Now if I should ask yu a queshen about the anti Yahwehshua they are talking about, are yu not beholding them here now? They are here! Did yu say they are here? I want to declare to yu that yu were already in anti Yahwehshua hands before I came.  Yu cannot sell or buy without that name, do yu know how many beauties that embraced that name “Jesus”? There are many beauties?

Can yu go to the bank without their demand? No! But I have come to nullify it. So the secret meaning for the werd rapture is right choice, this werd is a hidden werd. I said that on that brightness, I wil say to yu welcome. Now I want to ask yu a queshen, if the rapture wil be within a brightness or in a resting hour and yu wil hear a trumpet and fly away, that would mean that there is nothing as verdict. But I say, even right now as I AM speaking, verdict is going on through brightness and resting hours.

Truth Beauty I have shown yu the verdict queue; they were coming, and were coming, then I showed yu a man and said unto yu when self wez in existence. Where wez that man? Children rapture is a decepshen! Now I said I AM coming soon and yu don’t know the brightness it wil be. But how I wil come, yu don’t know. If yu return home, yua brightness has come to an end. And it wez written, I wil yudge all beauties according to their werks. Now let me ask yu a queshen, if yu say we will fly away, how would yua own verdict take place? Is it to say that yu wil not pass through verdict? If yua werks are to be tested in what? Fire! Would that mean that yu will be in My Dweling place before the testing wil take place?

Yu must appear before My verdict throne; and this is where I will tell yu to proceed [Awa Ridima have compassion]Do yu knowledgestend? The verdict must take place before any other thing. Some beauties might be coming as if they got it right, and that is where the verdict wil prove what they are. When yu hear proceed, no demon, no power, no Satan wil do what? Stop the beauty! In that road, the agent from Heylel are always there in all brightness and resting hours watching to know how many nefesh would make it to My dwelling place. If they wil be raptured [fly] how would they know? I AM talking with My little beauties now.

Now little beauties, let Me put it to yu, based on the little knowledge yu have, how can a little beauty be given a pass mark without taking examination? These things are decepshen. Yu want to ask queshen?[Yes me want to ask queshen. Right! My RIDIMA, Is there any brightness that this earth will be destroyed by fire? Right, the queshen yu asked is very vital. But even right now there is fire on this earth.  There is invisible fire and visible fire, but obey My werd. Behold, the brightness yu wil be returning home is unknown to yu. I want to inform yu to get prepared. Some beauties wil return home at the resting hour, some wil return in the brightness, some wil return when on transit and wil not be able to prepare.

Now let me inform yu a mystery, it is only demon and demon incarnate that will be able to fly. If the witches are travelling, they always fly, is that true? Yu don’t have wings as they call to fly. In My own Dweling, place as I AM talking now, yu wil not fly. When yu leave this earth, it is My power that wil carry yu to keep yu where yu don’t expect; what wil carry yu is My own power. To present it the way yu wil knowledgestend, what so yu did wil appear before yu in the Verdict point, it is there and then wil yu know where yu are going to.

Little beauties, did yu now behold that Rapture story is a deceit? Then can yu recall what I told yu earlier? I told yu this evil wez done for yu to accept that next brightness wil be the rapture. Queshen wez asked [Awa Ridima, what about those vishen about rapture we used to have]?Right, yu asked a queshen, I wil answer yu, but before I wil answer it, recall that there wez something I told Truth Beauty about where it wez written boldly “WELCOME TO HEAVEN”. Do yu know that there is no any brightness a beauty dies in their churches, that they wil not have a vishen as the dead wear white garment and conclude that self made it? Is that true? Yes Awa Ridima. Then where are the making it to? Is it to My Dweling place? Now the conclushen for yua queshen is that, from the time evil took place; all beauties in existence have been serving idols. Recall My werd, I said that My Dweling place has a very few Nephesh that wez able to make it, is that true? Yes Awa Ridima, Then what makes it to be so? This is the time as I said I might show yu something based on yua little knowledge, but now I have taken the decishen to inform yu, yu are My little beauties.

Right, I want to give yu an assignment even from the bible, go and read about the history for each generashen, how they went, what did I say? We should go and read about each generashen how they went. But the truth remains that in each generashen, that as many that obeyed Me, I wil keep them until the brightness they wil become cold, do yu knowledgestend? But how I wil keep them is not yua own what? Business!

Right, I had told Truth Beauty about the decepshen in Rapture story, but Truth Beauty wez considering this general lies that had being in circulashen for a long time. Alright as it is, if Truth Beauty had told yu that we have a spoken werd against rapture, some among yu might have looked into it critically and beside this, Truth Beauty might not have presented it as I AM bringing it now. Some among yu might have said, ah this spoken werd is wrong. Alright, if yu should say that yu wil look into it, that something is wrong, no problem. I AM not here to deceive yu, So be it.

But recall My werd, I said it is unavoidable to appear before My verdict throne before yu wil be able to know where yu are going. Now let Me ask yu, in the law court, if there is an accusashen raised against a beauty, wont that beauty pass through verdict before being set free or being condemned? How possible for a man who have not entered embassy to get visa, signed and began to enter flight? How possible? Is not possible! If I should say based on what yu have been told, that that place is a free place. But recall what I said to yu; I told yu that yu should tell me not to open yua file, did yu knowledgestend Me? And I said again, if I should open yua file, is unavoidable that yu wil enter the other side [Heylel fire].

Now based on this, if rapture would take place, who wil be qualified to be raptured? If it is almost impossible to find a qualified beauty that means that the Dwelling place wil be for a few beauties. What area are yu getting it right? Even in this werk yu are doing! Alright, Truth Beauty as the beauty I AM using, YahwehCyprian yu were here and behold what Truth Beauty wez saying this resting hour based on the younger beauty in existence, YahwehWasi yu were also here, even Truth Beauty forgot that this resting hour wez the Passover, instead for self to go and wash flesh, self wez here talking and talking, as at that instance and in that anger, wez Truth Beauty qualified to be raptured? No! Little beauties, I AM talking to yu all. At that point, that Truth Beauty wez in anger, wez self-qualified for that Rapture? No! My Dweling place is not cheap but hellven [heaven] is cheap, [Awa Ridima show we compassion] I wil do that by yua obedient. I wil have agreement with yu. Let Me ask yu, did yu know this before? No Awa Ridima!

I AM not here to deceive yu but I AM here to show yu the right path, the right way to follow. Think about My werd if there is no truth there. If I inform yu that there is no verdict, then know that I AM a deceiver. I AM saying all these things for yu to knowledgestend that there is Verdict. And yua verdict wil take place the brightness yu appear there. Hear Me, that is what I said. Right, wil yu follow Me? Yes Awa Ridima.

Write My werd and send it to My Beauties, wil yu do that? Yes Awa Ridima! Have confidence in My werds, yua obedient to My werd wil take yu to My Dweling place. So be it! Have faith in Me; disobedient wil stop yu from making it.

Truth Beauty, I heard when yu and yua woman in union I gave to yu; were complaining. How many beauties in existence are here, can yu count them all? All the beauties in existence from the smallest to eldest, can yu count them?[Beauties are been counted and they are up to 21st] Is that all beauties here? Yu did not reach up to fiftieth [50th]? No Awa Ridima, yu didn’t reach up to first hundred [100th]? No Awa Ridima, yu didn’t reach up to first thousand [1000]? No Awa Ridima. Now consider the whole men and women in the world, as I AM talking to yu now much evil is going on; some are into fornicashen, some are into drunkenness, some are into merchandise, some are into killing, some are making sacrifice unto idols, and some are accusing innocent beauties in existence. All these evil were done against Me in a way to disobey My commandment. How many among them have I killed? I ask again, how many among them have I killed? Are yu aware that My eyes are beholding all these things?

Truth Beauty, I have come to inform yu to endure. By this endurance I AM putting My power in yu and I have given yu the best. So be it! But yu that make it to be so, be very carefil. Some among yu might lose what yu have, but Truth Beauty I speak to yu endure. Inform yua woman in union to endure.  I want to inform yu that I wil not disappoint yu, and I wil not fail yu. So be it! I wil not put yu into shame. So be it! If I should tell yu not to endure, it means I hated yu, and that is to say that, I AM not WHAT I AM. If I tell yu to chase them away, yu should know that I AM not WHAT I AM, did yu knowledgestend? Yes Awa Ridima; what I wil tell yu is to endure.

As I AM enduring this evil, alright! Truth Beauty, if I AM proud about yu this brightness; can yu recall when yu were committing much evil in the time past? If I did condemn yu at that time, where would yu have being by now? Tell Me! I AM pointing at yu all now; tell Me, how many among yu that can say that yu are free? Some among yu have defiled the place I gave to yu, yu are not fearing Me. Have I condemned yu? No Awa Ridima. Even when yu are thinking evil, I continue to manage yu. My verdict is true verdict! If I had condemned yu, would yu have being here this brightness? No Awa Ridima. Even the most wicked man yu can behold, could be usefil tomorrow, did yu knowledgestend? What did I say? The most wicked man we can behold could be usefil tomorrow!

I wil not condemn yu now until yu are dead. Take correkshen! Correct yua ways so that yu will not hear condemneshen. Condemneshen is for those who refuse to obey Yua Owner YAHWEH-YAHWEH til the verdict brightness. The verdict throne has already been in existence, it is always there in all brightness and resting hours. As I AM speaking now, I AM passing verdict, as I AM speaking now Yua same Ridima, I AM passing verdict there, but yu might not knowledgestend. I repeat, as I AM speaking now I AM passing verdict there, but yu cannot behold the verdict. Now as I AM speaking, it is not as if I AM here. Let Me speak to yu, there is something I put inside Truth Beauty that AM using to speak to yu. I AM not here presently, do yu knowledgestend? But then I AM with yu. What I put in Truth Beauty, by the time it wil leave, yu wil not know, and at that time, Truth Beauty wil return as Truth Beauty meaning that I have left yu at that moment.

Now let Me ask yu a queshen, if a man should come here and as at the time the man wil be going, wont yu behold self? But by the time I wil leave, why can’t yu behold Me? Right! Right!, right! Watch My speech, I speak with authority, I speak in mysteries, I speak in much mysteries that cannot be found in any other place. Now, I want to ask yu another queshen, when engine is revolving, yu wil be hearing the sound, is it the aluminum that is making that sound? No Awa Ridima, there are something that are inside. But yu can behold all the things that make it to revolve if yu open the engine, but there is no any brightness that yu wil behold My own. Alright, open Truth Beauty mouth…., Little beauties, if yu can be so glad now in my presence and have forgotten all pains, how would yu feel when yu get into My Dweling place?

How wil yu feel in My Dweling place? A minute in My Dweling place yu wil make yu to forget all yua sorrows, have I said it before? But a minute in Heylel fire wil make yu to do what? Suffer all! Make a right choice. There are first to second places; My Dweling place and Heylel place. But all these things wil be done….. Now it wez written in the bible that, it is appointed unto a man once to die but after that the verdict, after death what? Verdict!

This is where I want to summarize. Why did they not write that it is appointed unto some men to die if some wil be raptured? It is appointed unto man once to die after that what? Verdict! Now to prove to yu that what I said about verdict throne is true, beauties are dying now, are yu aware? Yes, after dying where? Verdict!

Then what are yu going to say? Right, I love yu, ka odi otua; but recall that I told yu that this Passover is going to be what? The best! How are yu preparing for it? Listen very clear, the enemy for the existence I gave to yu wil also, come to hinder what I have for yu, but recall My werds, and soon yu wil get what I have for yu, ka odi otua! Recall that what kept Truth Beauty til this brightness is obedient, are yu aware? Do yu know that the enemy has tried so many ways to deceive Truth Beauty? What kept Truth Beauty up to this brightness is My werd.

There wez a brightness Truth Beauty wez informing yu in an open confession, that at the beginning in this encounter, that even self wez not convinced. But there wez no beauty that self could relate it to, so self-kept it to self. Do yu think that if Truth Beauty had gone out to inform other beauties, what would have happened? That would have being the time that much suggestions would have come. Anytime yu are passing through some trials, present it to Me; forget about that beauty that is so close to yu or related to yu. If I should ask yu a queshen, who is closer to yu than Me? Do yu know that I watch yu; yu cannot present yua matters to Me. Yu wil be talking about them within yuaself. Yu wil…..Sometimes I wil be stending by yua side watching yu. Alright, it is Truth Beauty that is talking to yu? No!

But I told yu that I wil reveal all that have been done by these enemies. Why AM I revealing all these things to yu? I want to save yu, I want to deliver yu, I come to rescue yu, and I come to set yu free. So be it!

As many as wil follow Me should fear not, I wil be with yu, I wil fight all yua battles says by Yua Ridima YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK. So be it!

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