Durin the new brightness Meetin service, when AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH biutis in existens were givin reverence [chorus] to AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH, AWA RIDIMA YAHWEHSHUA HA MASHIAK began to speak through I AM WHAT I AM servin biuti:

My Little Biutis, yes AWA RIDIMA. Right new brightness, Right Brightness AWA RIDIMA. Yu biutis are longing to hear from Me, is that so? Yes AWA RIDIMA. Why do yu want to hear My voice? I ask a question answer Me. On account that Yu are Awa Owner Yahweh Yahweh that krieted we and when Yu speaks is final.  Yu answer right, but the earlier spoken werd yu heard, how do yu keep them? How do yu obey?  How do yu werk towards them?                

 I dizaya to ask yu a question, a biuti that went and eat meat, after eating later vomit the meat, how do yu think that meat shall have impart in self flesh? How possible, after vomiting the meat out? I ask a question. Awa Ridima it has no impart. Hmmm, think about My spoken werds. A farmer as they call that went for a sand portion to cultivate and had spend time in cutting the grasses in the sand portion without sowing anything on that sand, how do yu think that self shall be able to harvest? I ask a question. Awa Ridima self cannot harvest. But did self engage in all this things? Yes Awa Ridima, alright.

If yu think to obey Me, obey Me, if yu think to disobey Me, disobey Me. I dizaya to ask yu a question, inside the gathered water they call river do yu knowledgestend that there are so many fishes that have been staying in the gathered water for so many years and have not been caught by fishermen? Yes Awa Ridima, are yu aware. But there are some little fishes that have been caught by fishermen, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima. Now can yu explain why? The answer is, not all thing they view they run after. Some among yu are running after things that have no value, but I told yu that I shall protect yu.

Truth Biuti I spoke to yu after doing humble demand for Yahwehmdi, I shall not fail yu, I shall not fail yu, but at the same time it is biutis in existens that fail themselves and not Me. Now l dizaya to ask yu a question, do yu know that it is more dangerous for professional driver to have an accident than a learner, are yu aware?  Might be yu don’t know why.

If a learner behold a vehicle coming from a distance, self shall stop and wait, before a learner shall speed ahead self shall check if the road is cleared. But a professional driver shall move on account that self knows how to drive and move and in that process something evil might happen. Some biutis among yu have been a professional in Me, but all yu biutis should be very cautious. All these things that is happening now I told yu, yu should recall that I told yu to inform My biutis to bring their resources together, did I say it? do yu recall that, yes Awa Ridima.

They are asking Me questions. Why did I say that, I behold what is coming ahead and told yu to come together to have yua own resources to produce yua own things and yua own money. Why I AM speaking is that, I AM trying to recall yu what I said. And I said there shall be a time they shall not have access to all these things, is that what I said? Yes Awa Ridima. But My spoken werd have become as a werd that was spoken by a little biuti that have no value. I yet dizaya to inform yu, My own biutis I shall protect them, so be it. But I allowed it to happen for Churches to know that they have no power. If yu talk about Truth Genereshn Yahweh Muvment is as a little biuti speaking, is that so, yes Awa Ridima. But the Churches have name and resources.

This matter was the matter that happened to Me when they plan to kill Me when I was a little biuti on the earth when I was taking away and they felt that I was dead. Come down and werk towards My spoken werds, I gave yu  a declaration werds that “this fourth year for Awa Owner Yahweh-Yahweh biutis is the year yu must be what AWA OWNER YAHWEH-YAHWEH say yu must be and the werks from Heylel cannot stop it” this is among the werks from Heylel. But some among yu biutis are panicking as they say, base on what they posted to yu. Have yu heard from Me?

I heard yu doing humble demand about the end 4th year Passover, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima, right I dizaya to ask a question, did I inform yu that yu should find a place to build for Passover? Yes Awa Ridima. If I should ask, have that been done? No Awa Ridima. Alright, Hmmmm I AM laughing. A little biuti that does not listen to the instruction from the Papa werks towards destruction, but I have a program to accomplished. This is the things yu shall inform them. This things that is happening, is it not from the same biutis they call White? Yes Awa Ridima. Their plan from the beginning whatso they gives to yu is what? Poison.

Truth Biuti, I dizaya to ask yu a question, yu were told that yua younger man biuti in existens woman in yunion was paralyzed, self first side was paralyzed, but when the attack came they told yu that self was shouting “the blood of their Jesus”, is that so? But the blood for their Jesus could not stop the attack. I dizaya to ask yu a question, If something is after a biuti and it happened that there is a fire that surround that biuti, how do yu think that that thing can penetrate against that biuti? No Awa Ridima. That name “JESUS” as I said have expired. Yet if they use their mouth to shout, it shall not werk.

IfeanyiYahweh, Yes Awa Ridima, when Yahwehgift had an attack and was not able to talk yu call Truth Biuti and told self, when Truth Biuti came and use My name to Humble demand, was it up to first to second minutes that Yahwehgift open the mouth to speak? No Awa Ridima. Is that not a surprise to yu? Yes Awa Ridima. But did yu think that Yahwehgift could have speak at that time? No Awa Ridima. But did yu share that with Truth Biuti? No Awa Ridima.

When Yahwehmdi case was brought here, immediately Truth Biuti mentioned My name and say Yahwehmdi come out, did yu behold what happened? Yes Awa Ridima. But some among yu biutis yu don’t know what is happening, if Me should ask yu, there is a little thing Truth Biuti is using for that? No Awa Ridima. Then why not be close to Me? But if yu are far from Me, how do yu think it can werk? Yu biutis should do the right things, yu should not be moved by the things yu hear, but move by My werd.

Listen I have a spoken werd for yu little biutis.  Yahwehoma as self called self, I dizaya to inform yu leave self, but self should knowledgestend that self was given a suspension in Truth Generation Yahweh Muvment base on self filthy activities and it has not been release. It came from My serving biuti mouth and it was approved by Me. Now My little biutis hear My werd, anytime a little biuti felt that self have know all, it is a foundation for that little biuti destruction.

What I AM trying to make yu to know is to use what happened to the prodigal little man biuti, recall that the prodigal man biuti was with self Papa and was werking together with the Papa, is that not so? Yes Awa Ridima. But there was a time self arrived that self can be on own self foundation and departed from self Papa and now begin to gather thousand from the Papa to werk according to self nephesh dizaya, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima. And when self was doing that, self thought that self was doing the right thing. Do yu know that as at that time, the Papa became an enemy to self? The Papa became stupid to self at that time? Yes Awa Ridima. Now do yu know that at the end, the little man biuti was eating meat prepared for pigs? Yes Awa Ridima, and was glad without watching the dirty meat self was eating.

Now think about it, that is Yahwehoma existence and position as at now. So when Yahwehoma is doing evil self shall not behold it as evil. I dizaya to use this as an illustration, that prodigal little man biuti was eating from pig meat and self eyes was not open yet until self came to realize about that and had concern to return to own Papa, do yu knowledgestend something here, it was when self came to realize; self became ashamed for eating pig meat. Now hear My werd, I spoke to Yahwehoma by saying that it is evil for self to call Me “Onye nwe uwa”, what is Onye nwe uwa? Is not a name and I said that it is an insult to Me, did I said it? Yes Awa Ridima.

Now I dizaya to make yu know that I know what I AM saying, but it is an insult to give Me that name. What is the meaning to Onye nwe uwa? That is to say YUA OWNER owns only the earth. Even their bible says that the Almighty owns the earth and the things that dwell therein, is that not what is there? Yes Awa Ridima, why? If they say only the earth that means there is an omission, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima. Now can yu be known by yua werks? I ask yu a question, even yu as a biuti can yu be known by yua werks? No Awa Ridima.

IfeanyiYahweh, Yes Awa Ridima, formally yu were known as photographer, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima. If a biuti calls yu a photographer, are yu only a photographer? Is that yua name? No Awa Ridima, don’t yu have a name? Yes Awa Ridima me have a name. Now listen I dizaya to inform Yahwehoma to self knowledgestending that self is attacking Me by self wisdom. We have a meeting point, do yu knowledgestend what I said? Yes Awa Ridima. What do I mean by a meeting point? The appointment that we are to meet, yu biutis should leave self. But some knowledgestending self have now came from Truth Generetion Yahweh Muvement, is that so?

Now any biuti that bite own mouth self use to eat, what do yu think shall happened to self? It shall be very difficult for self to eat next time, have yu heard this parable before? No Awa Ridima, alright. So it absolutely wrong for a biuti to bite self mouth, it shall be very hurting. I dizaya to say, I shall not fail Truth Generation Yahweh Muvment. Follow me, any challenge yu have call Me but as I said many biutis are coming but many shall not behold Me, how many times have I told yu? Several times. It depends on yu, if yu are here and begin to misbehave no problem but I told yu that I have all the information about yu, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima, thenk yu.

Before I run off, I dizaya to speak to yu. I heard some biutis among yu doing humble demand and said “Let us” do humble demand, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima, “Let us”, is that so? Yes Awa Ridima, what is Let? I ask question, what is Let? It sound Late and Late is if a biuti is death or a biuti did not come on time. How do yu hear that werd? Do yu behold the evil that was done by Heylel? “Let us all”, that means “Late us all” is that not so? Yes Awa Ridima, I have spoken to yu, correction should be made. When yu are speaking think about what yu are going to speak out.

I have many things to say, but I shall end at this point. But My spoken werds should be writing and send to My little biutis. If yu keep it to yuaself I shall ask yu about it, if yu keep it to yuaself I shall ask yu about it, how many times? Think about My werd, My werd should be with yu and when things are coming try to know what I said.

Do yu know the survival to some men? There are some men that always buy Newspapers and have time to go through it, is that not? Yes Awa Ridima. That is to say, it is foolish. Such men shall inform yu the event that happened so so and so date at so so and so place, but self is using money to buy the newspapers. But the werds I give yu, I don’t charge yu. As I say I have so many ways to give verdict.

If those that are called politicians are interested to know the event that happened, what about yu? Do yu have interest to know My spoken werds? Little biutis, any among yu that have hear, self should hear, any that have knowledgestending, self should knowledgestend. I dizaya yu to study My spoken werds that yu have overlooked and werks towards them, says by Yua Ridima Yahwehshua Ha Mashiak, so be it.

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